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Bunny suicides from Andy Riley

Bunny Suicides by Andy Riley | Art-Pie

When we first saw Andy Riley’s Bunny Suicides illustrations, we immediately love them but also found them very funny. In a nutshell, rather desperate bunnies try to end their lives by any means they can think of and find themselves in ingenious yet dramatic situations. You are looking at dark humour so these might not be your taste but cute bunnies might? We included 9 of the best illustrations of the illustrator we spotted online  Read More

The very evocative Victor Lundy’s sketchbook

Victor Lundy's sketchbook | Art-\Pie

(Victor Lundy) We were instantly moved when we looked at Victor Lundy’s sketchbook. The quality of the drawings is impressive and the story behind them heart breaking : Victor Lundy’s documented his time in the army and fighting in the second world war. We appreciate the soft yet very efficient touch in Lundy’s drawings. We feel that his drawings were done in one sitting, no erasing but a driving hand screen printing, if you like, what his eyes recorded. _____ A... Read More

Leonardo Da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan

Portrait of Cecilia Gallerani (Lady with the Ermine) © Princes Czartoryski Foundation

The much hyped Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition opens at the National Gallery from today with a seven room exhibition. The display is ideal for those who adore the technicality of the line and the workings of an artist , with many drawings and paintings by Leonardo and his pupils on display. Its build up has been felt for many months, ever since its advance booking opened in May 2011 – a long seven months before its actual opening day. With its future opening date released... Read More

Stephen Wiltshire – It can draw NYC skyline by memory!

At ART-PIE we are getting old and memory is not what it used to be – strong and sharp but this guy beats us all – he can draw by memory skylines like New York or Rome! Learn more about this pure genius http://www.stephenwiltshire.co.uk >>> Just watch the video,  it is unbelievable  Read More