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“The Ugly American” by Saber at The Outsiders

“The Ugly America” show opening today at The Outsiders is the work of legendary graffiti artist Saber’. The artist spent 8 weeks immersed in the Outsiders Newcastle branch last autumn and created all the works on display in the gallery this time in London. We stepped in and were hardly wowed by what we were seeing: a series of pale wooden pallets works. We quickly realised that they were all depicting “The Star-Spangled Banner”, understand the American... Read More

Kelsey Brookes at The Outsiders

Kelsey Brooks

Kelsey Brookes has reinvented psychedelic art for the 21st Century for his UK debut exhibition. His latest body of work consists of large scale canvases, with paintings of animals, bold geometric shapes and kaleidoscopic abstraction, which is unusually inspired by migranes. The powerful affliction is often associated with not only visual hallucinations but all other ‘synaesthetic’ experiences (the interpretation of one sense as another, for instance ‘hearing’... Read More

Woozy at the outsiders

The Outsiders is proud to present I Dont Care About My Face, the first UK solo exhibition by the artist Woozy. Downstairs in The Dungeon, Woozy will exhibit a colourful showcase of his most recent canvases, works on metal and paper. Originating from Athens Greece, Woozy is renowned for his large-scale murals and outdoor wall paintings that have graced the international urban landscape. Collaborating with a wide network of street artists most notably Os Gemeos, he has travelled... Read More

Brett Amory at The Outsiders: waiting on the line

Brett Amory The Outsiders | Art-Pie

Intentional Abstractions is Brett Amory first UK solo show and first show of the year at The Outsiders The works on display are part of the ‘Waiting’ series Brett Amory started back in 2001 in which he depicts morning commuters transiting via BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) stations around San Francisco. Here is what he says about it – “I started the ‘Waiting’ series in 2000. I was working in Emeryville and living in San Fran, so I was commuting via bart.... Read More