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This ‘ME’ Of Mine opens tonight!

This Me Of Mine ! Art-Pie

After many months of preparation and efforts, Jane Boyer, the curator for the “This Me Of Mine” show,  is about to welcome visitor to the first leg of the 4 that makes up this project. Tonight, it will happen at APT Gallery in Deptford – full details at the bottom of this post as well as for the other 3 other legs of the show. Jane Boyer says – “The financial support and professional recognition by ACE signals their belief in the project message,... Read More

The Sparrow, the Pearl and the Iridescsnt Girl

“Fairy tales challenge the reader to imagine magical worlds different from our own. We are reminded by the fairy tale of the thing we never should have forgotten — that our world might have been different and is magical the way it is: unexplainable, unpredictable, wild, and surprising. With our imaginations awakened, we can see with new eyes our own world filled with wonder once again.”[1] Travis Prinzi from G.K. Chesterton on Fairy Tales Oriole, (c)2006 Annabel Dover   There... Read More

Compossible Worlds

Diagram (artificial tree), 2010 Sandra Crisp

“It is undoubtedly continuity which defines the compossibility of each world; and if the real world is the best, this is to the extent that it presents a maximum of continuity in a maximum number of cases, in a maximum number of relations and distinctive points.”                                                      Gilles Deleuze Diagram (artificial tree), © 2010 Sandra Crisp, Ink Jet Print This quote by Deleuze is a very complex... Read More

Value which is of Value

10 x 10 by Kate Murdoch

10 x 10, ©2008 – 2012 Kate Murdoch “If there is value which is of value, it must lie outside of all happening and being so. For all happening and being-so is accidental.” Ludwig Wittgenstein 6.41, Tractatus Logico Philosophicus This quote from Wittgenstein is a profound statement on the nature of occurrence and existence – ‘happening and being-so’. Whichever way we look at it, occurrence and existence is accidental. The beauty and simplicity of Wittgenstein’s... Read More

The Problems of Language

Images of Assumptions (c)Sarah Hervey

Sarah Hervey has a note in her sketchbook, it reads, “Wittgenstein maintained every statement rested on unproven assumptions and illogical associations”. With regard to language there are four problems outlined by Bertrand Russell in his 1922 introduction to Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus:[1] First is a problem of what actually occurs in our minds when we intend to mean something. Second is the relationship between thoughts, words and sentences and what they... Read More