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WeLikeStatic tomorrow at Whisper Fine Art

WeLikeStatic at Whisper Fine Art

We met up earlier today with Tom and Craig, better known at WeLikeStatic to have a sneak peak at their solo show opening tomorrow at Whisper Fine Art on Eastcastle street, London. The place was buzzing with still “loads to do” but the team was at it and the display was shaping up nicely; this show, I could tell, will be a good one. Portraiture is what this show will try to tackle and we all know that it is rather an hazardous path to take, it does not take long to... Read More

Static at Whisper – Moments of clarity


London gallery, Whisper, is proud to present its new exhibition opening in April 2012, ‘Moments of Clarity’, by the creative duo STATIC – an artistic extravaganza, showcasing an exciting collection of new layered acrylic works, as well as a variety of live art events. STATIC is the creative output of East London based artists Tom and Craig, who have been working as one since 2006. The combination of their backgrounds in Graphics and Fine Art allows for their collaborations... Read More

Unfair the Whisper gallery

Unfair at Whisper gallery

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Nick Gentry at Whisper gallery

We are big fan of artists using what they can find around them to help them making art or in Nick Gentry’s case, using floppy disks to be his support for his art as well as being integral part of his end product – mainly portraits. Nick Gentry uses wood panels layered with floppy disks which he might paint or not, but one sure thing is that they are fully integrated in his pieces. Using the round bit of the floppy disk as the eyes  is a recurrent occurrence in his... Read More