20:12, #codefc Olympic installations

#codefc show opens at Curious Duke gallery – 20:12

20:12, #codefc Olympic installationsWe had the chance to get a sneak preview of 20:12, #CODEFC’s London Olympics Installations show opening tomorrow at Curious Duke gallery on Whitecross street. The London-based artist’s 2 year long project is coming to maturation with this show and fits nicely the build up to the London 2012 Olympics.

Using stencil interventions onto London city landscapes, #codefc presents athletes’ imagery in all their splendour and vigour, performing the Olympian feats for which they are known against a backdrop of reconfigured and stretched Olympic rings, their faces replaced with cameras and camcorders – the artist’s signature mark.

The show breaks onto two floors in what is an awesome venue for exhibiting any work. A few pictures are included below of some of the artwork we noticed. We got there when Fab was putting up the stencils cut outs on the wall, you have below some pics of what could be an awesome mural. Come and find out tomorrow.

Curious Duke Gallery
207 Whitecross street, London EC1Y 8QP
Fri June 8th 2012 – Fri June 15th
Private View: Thu June 7th 2012

20:12 #codefc Olympic installations

20:12 #codefc Olympic installations

20:12 #codefc Olympics installations

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