The striking bar of the Prahran hotel in Melbourne

I am lucky to live in London where it must be said, you can find striking looking bars. And let’s face it, it is much better if you sit in some settings which wow you or which makes you happy to be there. After all, I (usually) go to bars to enjoy the moment, to relax or spend time with friends.

Have a look at this. We are now in Melbourne looking at this amazing piece of architecture – the Prahran Hotel, where massive concrete water pipes are used to make the bar stand out of anything nearby we hear (I have never been in Melbourne)

One might say that there are some sort of pigeon holes for humans but I would simply look at the inviting leather seated booths that the 17 tubed offer and grab my pencil and add this place to my “must-go” list.

Pictures of this place below

Prahran hotel in Melbourne | Art-Pie

Prahran hotel in Melbourne | Art-Pie


First seen on Design Taxi

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