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7” sleeves you have probably never seen

They are all from what used to be the Eastern bloc. Yes that time where the West and the East did not talk to each other and while you may have wondered what could be happening on the other side, well we have part of the answer : some talented minds were making sonme great vinyls sleeves.

We have selected 5 for you below with the one right below being our favorite. Which one does it for you?

7'' sleeves design | Art-Pie

7'' sleeves design | Art-Pie

7'' sleeves design | Art-Pie

7'' sleeves design | Art-Pie

7'' sleeves design | Art-Pie

First seen on The Vinyl Factory

The striking bar of the Prahran hotel in Melbourne

I am lucky to live in London where it must be said, you can find striking looking bars. And let’s face it, it is much better if you sit in some settings which wow you or which makes you happy to be there. After all, I (usually) go to bars to enjoy the moment, to relax or spend time with friends.

Have a look at this. We are now in Melbourne looking at this amazing piece of architecture – the Prahran Hotel, where massive concrete water pipes are used to make the bar stand out of anything nearby we hear (I have never been in Melbourne)

One might say that there are some sort of pigeon holes for humans but I would simply look at the inviting leather seated booths that the 17 tubed offer and grab my pencil and add this place to my “must-go” list.

Pictures of this place below

Prahran hotel in Melbourne | Art-Pie

Prahran hotel in Melbourne | Art-Pie


First seen on Design Taxi

Best designers toys from New York Comic Con 2012

New York Comic Con 2012 has just happened and we are bringing you our top 5 favorites toys designs – this event is the East Coast’s biggest and most exciting popular culture convention.

Comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies, and television fans are mad about the stuff on display.

New York Comic Con is the second largest pop culture convention in America and the only one that takes place in the comic book, publishing, media, and licensing capital of the world — Gotham City.

Artist: Dai Tran
“Pandit” and “Bitsumo”

Dai Tran’s big-bellied custom action figures “Pandit” and “Bitsumo” — one a sumo wrestler and the other a panda — have a mythic rivalry that plays out on the graphic t-shirts he’s created for complimentary apparel line, as well as in his line of figurines.

Pandit & Bitsumo by Daitran

Artist: Kaitlin Juarez and Maxwell Yax

A certain ARTINFO editor (who will remain unnamed) couldn’t resist buying one of these heartbreakingly cuddly monsters herself. Each one is handmade, and comes with a backstory about their assimilation to planet Earth, based on the Madknits comic series.

Madknits by Kaitlin Juarez and Maxwell Yax

Artist: Smoko
“Toast USB”

We wish we had the whole set of genius 4 GB toast-shaped USBs for our office. “Butta,” “Ry Ry,” “Crisp,” and “Tato” fit into a toaster hub, which also includes an SD card reader and works with any flash drive.

Artist: Mr. Munk
“Buddha B Pissed”

According to its creator, this trio of Buddha action figures — complete with big block heads and crazy eyes — was sent out into the world to rid it of its evils, absorbing bad energy and repurposing it.

Buddha B Pissed by Mr Munk

Artist: Pete Fowler/Molvox
“Tribes of Monsterism Island Vol. One”

The natural earth tones used by artist Pete Fowler for his “Molvox” series of devilish tribesman are perfect; details like the felt applique on a textured helmet and the toothy face painted on another figurine’s jacket make his little guys unique finds when bought

Tribes of Monsterism Island Vol. One by Pete Fowler/Molvox

Taken from the Blouin Artinfo website, check there for photo credits

Art-o-mat – vending machines selling art

The concept is pretty simple – Art-o-mat machines sell small works of art from retired and converted cigarette vending machines. But each dispenser is also to my view a stunnig work of art.

The recurrent style of these machines is often retro and many artists have got involved a=ver the years and the span of art available would please any art enthusiasts. They are spread mainly across Americas so if you are not around, get yourself over on the website and won yours today and if you are an artist, submit your art for the Art-o-mat machines!

We have included below some of the best machines we came across (images from Art-O-Mat)

Art-O-Mat | Art-PieArt-O-Mat | Art-Pie