7” sleeves you have probably never seen

7'' sleeves design | Art-Pie

They are all from what used to be the Eastern bloc. Yes that time where the West and the East did not talk to each other and while you may have wondered what could be happening on the other side, well we have part of the answer : some talented minds were... Read more

The striking bar of the Prahran hotel in Melbourne

I am lucky to live in London where it must be said, you can find striking looking bars. And let’s face it, it is much better if you sit in some settings which wow you or which makes you happy to be there. After all, I (usually) go to bars to enjoy... Read more

Best designers toys from New York Comic Con 2012

Buddha B Pissed by Mr Munk

New York Comic Con 2012 has just happened and we are bringing you our top 5 favorites toys designs – this event is the East Coast’s biggest and most exciting popular culture convention. Comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys,... Read more

Angry birds made out of LEGO

Angry Birds made out of LEGO | Art-Pie

It was just a matter of time before someone would have a go at this – using LEGO to reproduce the characters of the very popular video game Angry Birds. CK Tsang just did that.  Read More

Art-o-mat – vending machines selling art

The concept is pretty simple – Art-o-mat machines sell small works of art from retired and converted cigarette vending machines. But each dispenser is also to my view a stunnig work of art. The recurrent style of these machines is often retro and... Read more

ABSOLUT Limited Edition London Bottle by Jamie Hewlett

Absolut bottle Jamie Hewlett

You may have heard that Absolut has launched a limited-edition of city series which Gorillaz’ Jamie Hewlett has produced an amazing design for. It celebrates the vibrant cultural city, capturing London’s creativity and rich style heritage in a unique... Read more

The House of Detention at the Clerkenwell design week

I got myself to the Clerkenwell design week, well, I work in the area so it was easy for me to walk to Clerkenwell close where the remains of the House of Detention are – a series of underground tunnels and rooms. The place has been a museum since... Read more

Clerkenwell design week – Sarah Wiestner's installation

The Clerkenwell design week is back again from tomorrow, the 24th May, and will result in an exciting buzz where art meets design and vice versa. Not less than 60 showrooms and a pile of events (over 150 events) such pop up exhibitions, installations,... Read more

The Standard X KAWS Light Bulbs

Brooklyn-based artist KAWS has come up with 1,000 sets that contain 3 bulbs each, of one bulb in each color: red, purple and green. The 3 watt bulbs have a warm low glow. Dimensions of each globe is about 4.75″ x 2.25″ and they screw into... Read more

PENTAX & NANOBLOCK or the funkier camera out there

My eyes got wide opened when I saw this new design for digital camcorder – creativity at its best. Pentax  and Nanoblock (Japanese brand which can be compared to Lego) have excelled here. They have given us something to play with, and it also... Read more