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Wire sculptures by David Oliveira

Is “wire sculpture” becoming a thing? Well we met Robin Wight and his beautiful Fairies Wire Sculptures and we were astonished by the outcome.

Meet David Oliveira and his animal wire sculptures. His manipulation of wire to create a zoo of mind-boggling animal sculptures is just crazy. have you ever tried to make something out of the wire thingy around a champagne cork? Yes you did .

David Oliveira | Art-Pie

But take it to the next level and you get what might look like for some some sort of doodle or drawing. We have not had the chance yet to see the artist’s work in front of our eyes but we hear that the what looks like a 2d piece is an intricate yet clever use of wires to shape 3d wildlife animals.

What the artists says –

“My work 99% comes from my memory the other 1% is wire. Very ecological, right? Why wire? Because [it] is a line that can [stand] against gravity… Because [it] is naif, easy and spontaneous.”

David oliveira | Art-Pie

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