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So what’s next for the Fourth Plinth?

Thumbs Up by David Shrigley | Art-Pie

Thumbs Up by David Shrigley If you have been near Trafalgar Square in London, you must have noticed a 7m high sculpture looking like a thumbs up. This particular pedestal on the square is called the Fourth Plinth and the current artist showing their works is David Shrigley. So what’s next for the Fourth Plinth? 2018 & 20 shortlists announced London’s National Gallery has revealed the five shortlisted proposals for the 2018 and 2020 Fourth Plinth commissions by artists... Read More

Chen Wenling’s farting bull

Chen Weng Li "farting bull" | Art-Pie

When we first noticed Chen Wenling’s “What You see Might Not Be Real” sculpture, we immediately wanted to find out more about the artist and his work. This is not the name which jumped at us but the rather amusing look of the sculpture – yes it a farting bull! Here is what Zhu Qi says about Chen Wenglin’s sculptures Chen Wenling’s sculptures represent the spirit of collective imagery that defines China after her entrance into consumerist society.... Read More

A Beautiful Disorder – sculptures from Chinese artists

C 2016 Cass Sculpture Foundation, Zhao Yao, Rendering of A Sculpture of Thought I-192 , 2015 | Art-Pie

A major exhibition of new outdoor sculptures created by 18 contemporary Greater Chinese artists is about to open at Cass Sculpture Foundation. A leading sculpture foundation in England will display the first major exhibition of outdoor sculpture by contemporary Greater Chinese artists to be shown in the UK. The exhibition invites the viewer to reflect on China’s past, present and future relationship with the world at large, and provides valuable insight into the state... Read More

Star wars as greek statues

Greek Star Wars Sculptures | Art-Pie

Classical Greek sculpture We all went to a museum one day (well I hope you did, if not you guys are missing out!) which has a Classical art collection often consisting of a series of nude hunks sculptures. In the Classical period there was a revolution in Greek statuary, usually associated with the introduction of democracy and the end of the aristocratic culture associated with the kouroi. The Classical period saw changes in the style and function of sculpture. Poses became... Read More

10 mind blowing sculptures from all around the world

"The immigrant sculpture" | Art-Pie

We came across these mind-blowing sculptures and could not resist sharing them with you. Defying gravity or just beautiful, you can decide for yourself. We hope you’ll enjoy them. Why not telling us about them in the comments below? Click to enlarge Name: “The Immigrant Sculpture” by Bruno Catalano Location: Portugal Meaning:  Symbolizing luggage full of dreams but an empty heart, because you are leaving everything behind. Click to enlarge Name: “Popped... Read More