Awesome glass silhouettes Reveal 3D human forms

I think we mentioned before that sculpture is a form of art, here at Art-Pie, which we enjoy more and more as we stumble upon yet another great artist like Jed Malitz

We appreciate when artists think twice about what they want to produce or achieve and put loads of thoughts in it. But hold on, we also want and like artists to be conquerors of beauty in art and only brushing the canvas to get the perfect picture, to get the perfect colour blend which will trigger emotions for the viewers

At the intersection of art, science, and technology

Back to Jed Malitx –  creates life-size glass sculptures of human figures within architectural forms.

The New Orleans-based artist describes his works as “4D sculptures of cut glass and refracted light,” illustrating how each subject is defined both physically and non-physically through glass silhouettes and their refracted light.

The silhouettes, which are based on live-subject 3D photography, suggest the physical outlines of people through holes cut into architectural glass panels. What’s even more amazing, however, is the alternative perspective of the subject that’s revealed when viewing the sculpture from a slightly different angle.

Jed Malitz glass sculptures | Art-PieRedirected ambient light from the silhouettes projects an additional human form on the outer edges of the glass panels, creating a ghostly twin that appears even more detailed and realistic than the solid silhouette.

Malitz, who has an extensive background in math and science, dubs these one-of-a-kind sculptures “windows into souls” for their ability to expose concealed dimensions.

He says, “These forms are made entirely of redirected light, do not physically exist, and reveal otherwise hidden perspectives of their subjects. The entire subjects in cut glass thus project their entire hidden selves as pure light, in essence, revealing their souls.”

Jed Malitz | Art-Pie


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