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Mikael Alacoque – Mitty and Badbabysitter

This is badbabysitter!
This is mitty!

Artists Statement:

Initially trained as a traditional figurative sculptor and Mouldmaker. I now seek to find new meaning and relevance in old outmoded techniques.

I’m fascinated by the idea of the public monument and much of my work revolves around the need to investigate the way in which society records events and people by casting them in metal and stone.

I seek to rip the idea of the public monument asunder and then re-build it in a new order with a revised iconography. My work seeks to expose and examine the insecurities and frailties of society, and our place within it.

Recent works ‘Gnome Kone’ and ‘Bad Babysitter’ are part of a series of sculptures that are concerned with a playfully sinister bastardization of familiar objects. The pieces have an initial feeling of innocence and irreverence but on closer inspection seem more bizarre and

More of Mikael’s stuff here

Pictures and statement taken from the A GALLERY website

Jason Williams (REVOK) caught because of Twitter!

Ha ha ha… That was bound to happen, wasn’t it? Caught out because of twittering too much or the wrong thing!

Jason Willians aka REVOK (US graffiti artist) got caught out in Australia (as he was leaving the country) after twittering where he would drop his next graffiti pieces as well as after posting actual pictures of his graffitis freshly sprayed on walls of Melbourne.

And if you wonder how the police knew when to apprehend him at the airport, he twittered it saying ‘he was on his way to the airport’

hmmmm… Just plain stupid on this one or PR stunt?

Anyway, ART-PIE eat his work, he is just a great graffiti artist!

>>> Watch the video