The Faberge big egg hunt featuring Nathalie Priem's Golden egg

Nathalie Priem's crafted egg for the Big Egg Hunt in London

The Big Egg Hunt was a plan hatched by Elephant Family and Action for Children for a record-breaking egg hunt across Central London to raise money for these two eggshell-ent causes! Over 200 uniquely crafted eggs, created by leading artists, designers,... Read more

Sean Avery's sculptures of broken CDs

Rat by Sean Avery

When having CDs is becoming so nineties, everything getsstored online in the cloud as they call it, Meet Sean Avery, a talented artist, thought twice about discarding his CDs and have found a way of turning them into amazing and crafted animal sculptures. Sean... Read more

Clemens Behr & Romain Froquet – cardboard, wood, yarn and paint

Clemens Behr and Romain Froquet installation

We have already featured Clemens Behr‘s cardboards installations and are again very happy to do so. This time, the playground is in Paris and the collaboration is with French painter Romain Froquet. The fruit of this partnership are two eye-catching... Read more

Artists pick from the 2012 London art fair – part 3

Elfyn Lewis via Beaux Arts London

Here is the third part of our artists pick from the 2012 London art fair | Read part 1 | Read part 2 Paul Richards via Connaught Brown Pastel on paper Elfyn Lewis via Beaux Arts London Acrylic on MDF Tanc via The French Art Studios Spray paint and... Read more

Artists pick from the 2012 London art fair – part2

Fernando Kindelan via Olivier Waltman gallery

Here is the second part of our artists pick from the 2012 London Art fair | Read part 1 | Read part 3 Pakpoom Silaphan via Scream Collage and illustration with marker pen and emulsion Zac Freeman via Woolff gallery Assemblage on board Fernando Kindelan... Read more

Artists pick from the 2012 London art fair – part1

Gerald Laing via Sims Red gallery

If there is one art fair I have been and do not want to miss from now on, is the London Art Fair (LAF). Why is that? Just simply because it presents over 100 galleries featuring the great names of 20th century British art and exceptional contemporary... Read more

When just interesting isn't enough – breathing new life into the artbook. An interview with French-Belgian media artist Gaston Gouron

Media Artist Gaston Gouron with Never-ending Conversation

Gaston Gouron is a visual media artist based in Brussels. His work caught my attention at a show about art books. Not by surprise, yet I think more by design, I had picked out each of Gaston’s three artworks on display before swooping in to catch a... Read more

Linder Sterling: Collage and Montage

John Stezaker once said of Collage that it  “is a yearning for a lost world and reflects a universal sense of loss”. Those sentiments are certainly reflected in the work of artist and radical feminist Linder Sterling (also known as Linder). In... Read more

Robert Brandenburg at Gallery 1988

In “Pooh… and Other Sh*t,” Robert Brandenburg brings “hijacked” art to Gallery 1988 in Venice Beach, CA. As a self-taught artist from Ohio, Brandenburg brings an expansive perspective to viewers. Born in 1954, he paints contemporary... Read more

Hayley Lock at Transition gallery

Launched at Ickworth House in Suffolk in July 2011 (Now that would be) Telling is a collaborative project between the artist Hayley Lock, curator Catherine Hemelryk and writers Jessica Hart, Lucinda Hawksley, Ben Moor, Hallie Rubenhold and Liz Williams. Lock... Read more