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Does & Nash 30 meter wall collaboration

DOES & NASH 30 meter wall collaboration

How could I not share this 30 meter collaboration wall Artists: DOES & NASH Location: Sittard, the Netherlands Date: June 2012 Check out doesloveletters facebook page  Read More

Still on Brick Lane, enjoying its creativity

Brick lane street art

Here is part II of my afternoon spent on Brick Lane spotting the creativity that transpires off its wall. If you missed the beginning, here is part I. PEZ C215 ROA   Sweet Toof ROA  Read More

An afternoon on Brick Lane spotting street art

street art brick lane

I got myself down to the mighty Brick Lane at the week end, the i-phone (to post photos on Instagram of course) in one hand and the camera in the other one and as always I spent a solid two hours strolling around the area looking for little wonders that... Read more

Graffiti at the Jardins de Walter Benjamin, Barcelona

I am now back from Barcelona where I had the chance to enjoy a warm winter sun, delicious tapas but also and above all eye-catching graffiti. You can see quite a few scattered around the city and especially in the main avenues of the city but head down... Read more

Street art encounters from Shoreditch

No words needed, just pictures. I snapped these on my way to blackall street art and all his creativity.  Read More

Blackall street art

We randomly stumbled upon this narrow street called Blackall street and was pleasantly surprised to find a mine of creativity. A few selected shots are below. Featured artists are C215 | Alice Pasquin and The Krah  Read More

Astro Naut and friends

Another great set of Spanish street art, another great collaboration between artists: Sabek | Dingo | E1000 | Winsor | Shibe | Ciril | Astro Naut Astro Naut & Dingo & Sabek Winsor & Astro Naut_Cuenca E1000 & Astro Naut (Madrid) Sabek & Dingo & Shibe &... Read more

Codefc in Amsterdam

A few works from Codefc can now been seen across Amsterdam. We have put some of these below. We particularly like the juxtaposition with the famous painting “The milkmaid” by the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. The milkmaid by Vermeer  Read More

Smug, Cheo and more

Smug from Glasgow

I was glad to find out about this exciting project pushed by Bruce McClure – showcasing some of the best in UK street art / graffiti talent with a distinctive inspired theme – ape. Beyond the very well put together time-lapse videos, the concept... Read more

Blu and Ericailcane collaboration in Bologna

Blu and Ericailcane

Artists Blu and Ericailcane joined forces in Bologna and have produced a rather mighty mural in Bologna, Italy. Ericailcane got in charge of the animals while Blu put up the cage and other elements. BEFORE AFTER  Read More