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Conor Harrington, Phlegm, Bom.K & Liliwenn street art

Part of our 3 street art works series you should see today. Artists featured are Conor Harrington, Phlegm & Bom.K & Liliwenn. Conor Harrington – located in Rochester (USA) Phlegm – located in Ibiza (Spain) Bom.K & Liliwenn – located in London (England)  Read More

Dublin Street Art

El Mac & Espo | Art-Pie

With some spare time available while on business recently in Dublin I had to put aside the Guinness and amazing Irish stew for a bit and not pass up the chance to check out what the streets had to offer. The creative festival Offset had recently took place with international talent like JR and Faile taking the chance to add their mark to the streets and complement the local artists like Maser and James Earley. The festival birthed a collaboration effort between Maser and JR, while... Read More

Conor Harrington in East Dulwich

Looks promising. Pic by @DownInAutumn   Read More

Conor Harrington hit East London

Despite the dodgy weather in what’s supposed to now be spring, some of our favourite artists haven’t been deterred and continue to get up with some excellent work appearing in recent weeks. No one fits that description more than Art Pie favourite Conor Harrington who added this stunning portrait to the East London streets. This piece follows on from the Irish artist’s work at the recent Wide Walls Paint Jam in Mallorca where another exquisite black and white... Read More

An afternoon on Brick Lane spotting street art

street art brick lane

I got myself down to the mighty Brick Lane at the week end, the i-phone (to post photos on Instagram of course) in one hand and the camera in the other one and as always I spent a solid two hours strolling around the area looking for little wonders that is called “street art”. I spotted a loads of C215 pieces but also a nice sets of PEZ smiling fish. Conor Harrington also has been at it and has produced striking artwork. Enjoy the pictures below. There was so much... Read More