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Does & Nash 30 meter wall collaboration

DOES & NASH 30 meter wall collaboration

How could I not share this 30 meter collaboration wall Artists: DOES & NASH Location: Sittard, the Netherlands Date: June 2012 Check out doesloveletters facebook page  Read More

Keith Harring would have been 54 today

Keith haring

Keith Harring On February 16, 1990, at age 31, Keith Haring’s life was cut short due to an AIDS-related illness. He would have been 54 today and as a homage, here are a few words and a tribute to his most iconic pieces of art. I wonder what Keith... Read more

EnikOne x Keelan Dadd x Chevy

Los Angeles base artist EnikOne met Keelan Dadd, he gacve him a design, EnikOne picked a brand new Chevy Sonic car and applied that design. Over 2 days of great collaboration. We will also appreciate the skateboarding skills of Keelan dadd or and the... Read more

Graffiti and street art history infographics

Graffiti and Street Art, a diagram by Daniel Feral from the recent Pantheon art show in NYC.  Read More

Graffiti at the Jardins de Walter Benjamin, Barcelona

I am now back from Barcelona where I had the chance to enjoy a warm winter sun, delicious tapas but also and above all eye-catching graffiti. You can see quite a few scattered around the city and especially in the main avenues of the city but head down... Read more

Sniders Lane Project

Sniders Lane project

Sniders Lane Project – Presented by Just Another Agency.  Who would have thought that spending a weekend sitting in an alley by a dumpster could be so much fun. At the end of the Semi-Permanent conference Just Another Agency and Sister Bella hooked... Read more

Step in the arena – Netherlands

“Step in the arena” is just simply a huge gathering of graffiti artists in the Netherlands. And talent you have, a lot of it. Check out a selection of what has been dropped during the event. Pictures from the Montana Cans website  Read More

Street art from Madrid

Miss Kaliansky kindly sent these awesome street art below spotted in the streets of Madrid Featured artist: Saner | Eltono | Nano4814 | Remed | Mart1 Remed, Mart1 Remed, Eltono, Nano4814 Saner  Read More

Fintan Magee – graffiti artist into rubbish

We met Fintan Scott-Magee originally from Brisbane and try to find out a bit more about his liking, it seems, for rubbish and bins in his art. A-P: Tell us about yourself in a few words? FINTAN MAGEE: My name is Fintan Magee, born in Brisbane Australia.... Read more

Street fonts – graffiti alphabets from around the World by MadABC


German artist MadABC has opened her show at Pure Evil gallery tonight in London. This coincides with the launch of her book – “Street Fonts – graffiti alphabets from around the world”. You can buy this book here on Amazon. The work on display... Read more