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Gary Stranger & Pref at Stolen Space gallery

We swung by Stolen Space gallery today to check out their new show – Gary Stranger X Perf,

Gary Stranger and Pref are two graffiti artists from the UK. The former excels, we think, in typography work and his clean lines style was a delight to see.

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Gary Stranger at Stolen Space | Art-Pie

Our positive opinion of the artist was even more consolidated when we learned that all his works is done free-hand – these are serious skills.

Gary Stranger at Stolen Space | Art-Pie

More pics from Gary Stranger
Gary Stranger at Stolen Space | Art-Pie Gary Stranger at Stolen Space | Art-PieGary Stranger at Stolen Space | Art-Pie

However, Pref’s work, multi-layered lettering style which he uses to portray popular phrases and expressions, did not excite us as much. We actually found his style somewhat confused and quickly went back for a second viewing of Gary Stranger’s works.

Perf at Stolen Space | Art-Pie

“Gary Stranger X Perf” runs until the 30th October 2016.

‘Life Work’ by Martha Cooper at Stolen Space

'Life work' by Marhta Cooper | Art-Pie
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About Exhibition

Martha Cooper is a legendary photographer who has shot around the globe, beginning with USA to Asia. She worked both for papers and magazines like New York Post and National Geographic and independently, making contributions into her personal archive.
Stories and captures that appeared in her lens were different and timely: travels, people and of course art. She has been documenting graffiti and street art for 40 years and her iconic book “Subway Art” influenced on graffiti culture and opened a new world to those whose countries came to urban art much later than in USA.

Martha Cooper | Art-Pie
Location: Soweto

Martha Cooper is still working with graffiti and street artists, documenting artworks of US and international artists around the world, and continues to make an important contribution to the urban art movement.

Graffiti and street art are ephemeral but pieces and murals can be preserved through photography. Since the late ’70’s, Martha Cooper has documented urban art with a view towards historic preservation. Her work will help make this art form immortal, providing future generations of artists and historians with images of what has been called the biggest art movement in the history of the world. The gallery will exhibit Martha’s photos in a timeline from the ’70s until today, following her interest in graffiti as it spread from a localised New York City phenomenon into a massive worldwide urban art movement. Included in the exhibition will be also photos of StolenSpace Gallery artists shot by Martha in various locations.

“The reasons for seasons” show at Stolen Space


StolenSpace is proud to present ‘The Reasons For Seasons’ A group show featuring StolenSpace roster of International artists.
A stunning array of pieces show the calendar year through art and will take you on a journey of seasons, colours, creativity and inspirations.

Stolen Space gallery | Art-Pie
By Buffmonster

Work by artists:
Alex Yanes • Andrew Mcattee • Arth Daniels • Beau Stanton • Ben Frost • Buff Monster • C215 • Charlie Anderson • Crystal Wagner • Curtis Kulig • David Bray • D*Face • Drew Merritt • Evoca 1 • Felipe Pantone • Gary Stranger • James Bullough • Jana & JS • Joram Roukes • Josie Morway • Kai & Sunny • Lauren Napolitano • Low Bros • Matt Small • Miss Van • Mysterious Al • Vinnie Nylon • Paul Stephenson • Pez • Ramon Maiden • Reka • Ronzo • Ryan Callanan • Scott Listfield • Shepard Fairey • Sylvia Ji • The London Police • Von • Will Barras • Word To Mother • 1010

What – The reasons for seasons
Where – Stolen Space gallery, 17 Osborn Street, London UK E1 6TD
When – Until 23/12/2015

Haroshi at Stolen Space

As soon as you step in Stolen Space, you cannot help but look to the right as you have spotted something big from the corner of your eye. It is there. The vultur is looking at you.

No I have not gone mad but am only looking at Haroshi‘s masterpiece depicting what looks like a vultur with one noticeable detail – the wings are made of old skateboards decks. The gallery is hosting until the 3/11, Haroshi’s first solo show in this space and promised us something radically different, something fresh and unseen before. So far, they have not lied, I had not seen a vultur made of old skateboard decks before.

Haroshi at Stolen Space | Art-Pie

Originally from Tokyo, Haroshi has been collected and used discarded remains of broken down skateboard decks to produce wooden sculpture. The concept of reshaping what once was used as skateboard into pieces of art certainly sound like something that should have been done before.

Or maybe not. Maybe it was worth waiting all that time to see it done as Haroshi’s sculpture are beautiful, polished and colourful. It is hard to believe that the artist did not have any formal training in sculpture but is a 100% self taught artist. This is for the visual aspect.

Now, his works also transpire emotions, and especially “Agony into beauty” which depicts the face of a man who seems to be in pain.

Haroshi at Stolen Space | Art-PieHaroshi at Stolen Space | Art-Pie

Haroshi’s first solo exhibition at StolenSpace is indeed looking at the effects of emotional pain and how it can be a great motivating force in the creation of art. In short, the artist looked back at painful experiences and recycled them into his sculptures using recycling material, ie old skateboards decks.

A truly refreshing body of works that combines two worlds you would think will never meet – sculpture and skateboard

Haroshi first solo exhibition “Pain” runs until the 3/11/2013

Haroshi at Stolen Space | Art-Pie

Haroshi at Stolen Space | Art-Pie

Haroshi at Stolen Space | Art-Pie

Haroshi at Stolen Space | Art-Pie

Haroshi at Stolen Space | Art-Pie

Haroshi at Stolen Space | Art-Pie

Haroshi at Stolen Space | Art-Pie

Haroshi at Stolen Space | Art-Pie

Sound & vision by Shepard Fairey at Stolen Space

Sound & Vision by Shepard FaireyLast time Shepard Fairey had a show in London was five years ago and it was already with Stolen Space. In the meantime, the artist enjoyed a ever growing popularity so crowd are expected to pile up at the preview on the 19th October 2012.

This show is entitled Sound & Vision and will see Shepard Fairey collaborates with Z-Trip to supply the soundtrack to the artwork. We are told that the new works will include mixed media paintings on canvas, works on paper, retired stencils collages, rubylith cuts, and as well as serigraphs on wood, metal and paper.

Producer and DJ, Z-Trip has created a soundtrack that is meant to translate musically Shepard Fairey’s art vision. Z-Trip comments “Shepard does visually what I do musically“. A nice touch from the artist : he  provided records from his own collection as well as customised vintage turntables to enable viewer listening. This section of the show is complemented by a display of seventy-two works, which are inspired by the 12 inch LP sleeve cover.

The artist will therefore use both sound and vision to connect with his audience.

Sound & Vision, the exhibition title is taken from the David Bowie song of the same name so we have included the video clip below.

What – Sound & Vision’ By Shepard Fairey
When – 20.10.12 – 04.11.12
Where –  Stolen Space, Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery | 91 Brick Lane | London E1 6Q