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Wanderlust Hotel, a show by Pam Glew at Woolff gallery

Pam Glew is a well-established, contemporary British artist, best known for her unique bleaching technique on fabric, vintage flags, and handmade vintage quilts.  We’ve written about her previously and are excited to again with her fourth London Show since 2011, Wanderlust Hotel. Wanderlust hotel? Inspired by the goings on in legendary hotels such as Chelsea Hotel and Hotel Marmont,’Wanderlust Hotel’ is a fictional guest house frequented by illicit overnight... Read More

Pam Glew's new show – Beautiful & Damned, interview

The very kind Pam Glew accepted to answer a few questions about her show – Beatiful & Damned, which opens tonight at Blackall Studios. Read the full preview ART-PIE: Your show is inspired from the tragedy from the 20’s coming from society icons; their highs and lows, a period was also called Jazz Age. Do you like Jazz and did it play a role in your new compositions? Pam Glew: I wasn’t a massive jazz fan before making the work for the show, I think jazz divides... Read More

Pam Glew at Blackall studios

‘Beautiful and Damned’, the shows title, is of course taken from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1922 novel, which explores the listless lives of moneyed society during the Jazz Age. This captivating era, drenched in glamour yet tinged with tragedy is the decadent setting for this extraordinary series of work. The exquisitely beautiful movie starlets, society icons and characters on display capture the spirit of the age all who are caught in the unforgiving glare of the limelight... Read More

Opening night of Cape and Cowl exhibition at Kachette

Batman : Arkham night | Art-Pie

A quick stop at home to drop our bags and off we went to Kachette in Shoreditch for the Press launch night of the latest show curated by Moniker Projects front man, Frankie Shea. We were thrilled for the invite and looked forward to seeing the artworks in person after reading about it. In a nutshell – the exhibition reimagines the Caped Crusader’s iconic Cape and Cowl headpiece. WB Games UK has teamed up with twenty contemporary artists and celebrities to celebrate... Read More

Moniker Projects does Batman: Arkham Knight

Something pretty cool and original is coming our way. Indeed Moniker Projects Frankie Shea & Lindsay Edmunds are curating The Batman: Arkham Knight Cape & Cowl Exhibition What is all about? WB Games UK has teamed up with Moniker Projects to bring you twenty contemporary artists and celebrities to celebrate the launch of Batman: Arkham Knight with a new exhibition reimagining the Caped Crusader’s iconic Cape and Cowl headpiece. Using life-sized replicas of Batman’s... Read More