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#2 Gossip Well Told

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Pam Glew's new show – Beautiful & Damned, interview

The very kind Pam Glew accepted to answer a few questions about her show – Beatiful & Damned, which opens tonight at Blackall Studios. Read the full preview ART-PIE: Your show is inspired from the tragedy from the 20’s coming from society icons; their highs and lows, a period was also called Jazz Age. Do you like Jazz and did it play a role in your new compositions? Pam Glew: I wasn’t a massive jazz fan before making the work for the show, I think jazz divides... Read More

Pam Glew at Blackall studios

‘Beautiful and Damned’, the shows title, is of course taken from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1922 novel, which explores the listless lives of moneyed society during the Jazz Age. This captivating era, drenched in glamour yet tinged with tragedy is the decadent setting for this extraordinary series of work. The exquisitely beautiful movie starlets, society icons and characters on display capture the spirit of the age all who are caught in the unforgiving glare of the limelight... Read More

Remi Rough at Blackall studios: abstract-ive

I have always been sceptical about abstract art, never knowing whether I like it or not. I can enjoy it but can rarely get ecstatic about it. Well Remi Rough and the likes of Augutine Kofie or Jaybo Monk are maybe about to radically change this. They are (and a few others – find out who here) are members of what is called the urban abstract movement which has for starting point the reshape of letters of the alphabet and their integration into an urban context – find... Read More

Remi/Rough and Steve More at Blackhall studios: extended dates

Due to popularity the exhibition has now been extended until Friday 11th 7pm, giving more people a chance to see their work. Remi/Rough and Steve More are leading a new school of post-graffiti artists and this will be the first UK exhibition to showcase the movement. A is an exhibition at the forefront of an urban abstract movement whose roots come from a time before the hype of street art. Interest in this movement is steadily gaining momentum and Remi/Rough and Steve More are... Read More