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Fintan Magee – graffiti artist into rubbish

We met Fintan Scott-Magee originally from Brisbane and try to find out a bit more about his liking, it seems, for rubbish and bins in his art. A-P: Tell us about yourself in a few words? FINTAN MAGEE: My name is Fintan Magee, born in Brisbane Australia. I have been writing for 10 years now but I started to move away from traditional letterforms about 4 years ago and started to paint more canvas and street art. Really I’m just trying to have as much fun as possible with... Read More

VNA launch party – 14th issue

Another cracking launch party over at East gallery has just happened, this time for the launch of the 14th issue of the VNA magazine. This issue is featuring artist Sickboy on the cover and is full of extras to enjoy- of 2 Sickboy x Edding marker pens, a Sickboy Kiss-cut vinyl sheet and the screen printed cover, signed by Sickboy. VNA has put together an awesome video specially for the event while Mitch at Chasing Ghost London has very kindly agreed to post the pictures he took... Read More

Usugrow at Stolen Space: meet hasadu

Inside Stolen Space and looking around Usugrow’s artwork and it is obvious to me: if you are into black and white with punk rock visuals such as skulls and roses, you may well forget the price tags and get the gallery staff to immediately stick up one of those red stickers next to your favorite piece. Read More  Read More