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AK47 “Bullets Straight from the Heart” at MEN gallery

AK47 | Art-Pie

WIN a pink or a blue AK47 bullet. You just need to like us on Facebook or share this Facebook status, the competition closes on Friday 08/11 midnight AK47, an active artist involved in underground and alternative sub-culture circuits since the 1980s, is back in London for a solo show of commercial works at the Maurice Einhardt Neu gallery. You may have come across AK47 bullets around the street of East London. If you have not, take a look at the video we have included below. AK47... Read More

Loos with some style at Far Rock Away

Far Rock Away | Art-Pie

There is a new boozer in town, located on Curtain road to be precised, and should you fancy having a drink while looking at various pieces from emerging (mainly) street artists, well this is your kind of place. Ben Oakley’s Gallery acts as the curator along with Kevin Martin from Hoxton Gallery. Currently on display are Xenz, Above, Lucas Price, Cranio, Cept and Guy Denning. We are not talking just a few spread pieces but walls covered of stuff and I am not even mentioning the... Read More

Jester Jacques Fine Art: October 2013 – January 2014

After having spent almost a year building up a diverse, international and trendy collection of Contemporary and Investment Prints, Jester Jacques Art is now ready to present their Fine Art Collection. Curated by the Directors of JJ Art,  the collection of paintings, sculptures, collages and photographs have been conscientiously selected to ensure quality, investment potential and one of a kind pieces from the finest artists from all over the world, already established in their... Read More

“Thirteen” the new show from Copyright at London Westbank gallery

WIN a limited edition of Copyright’s Lady of the Lake (edition of 50 which is the show print). enter now, the competition closes on Friday 27/09 midnight so hurry up! It has been about two years since Copyright has had a solo show. It has not been lazying around (…) we hear, but rather been busy with a bunch of commissions partly being a consequence of his appearance on Season 8 of ‘The Apprentice’. “Thirteen”, his new solo show at London Westbank Gallery,... Read More

Ben Eine’s ‘Tenderloin’ A-Z showcase

Ben Eine | Art-Pie

When I first read about this event from my inbox, I must admit I got quite excited as Ben Eine and his work are exciting. If you love colours, letters and typography, you will appreciate this artist’s work. “The venue will be announced just before the show and via Nelly Duff’s social medias”. This was enough to convince me that we were on something good. I was wrong. What the show had to offer was a series of pieces with the whole alphabet broken down in... Read More