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Group show at The Rag Factory

Group show at The Rag Factory

Room 1: LAVA Showcase featuring: Ashes57, Forged Signatures, Lucas, Neas, Emma Dexter, The Krah, Stik & Otto Schade. Room 2:: Art Splash Charity Auction Help our friends Eska and Pikto raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Free entry | Original... Read more

Kelsey Brookes at The Outsiders

Kelsey Brooks

Kelsey Brookes has reinvented psychedelic art for the 21st Century for his UK debut exhibition. His latest body of work consists of large scale canvases, with paintings of animals, bold geometric shapes and kaleidoscopic abstraction, which is unusually... Read more

Adam Neate at Elms Lesters Painting Rooms

Last time we went to see an Adam Neate’s show, precisely at the same venue, we were happily surprised by the freshness of Adam Neate’s three dimensional works. I hadn’t seen such work, such technique before – 3D in paintings using... Read more

The Moniker Art Fair starts today…

This is not your traditional contemporary art fair, Moniker Art fair, now in (only) its second year has already become a respected platform featuring work of a generation of artists, often coming from  often overlooked in British mainstream fairs but... Read more

Word To Mother at Stolen Space

StolenSpace is proud to present Word To Mother’s fifth solo show with us, entitled ‘Essence Of Adolescence’ featuring a new body of mixed media paintings on wooden panels. ‘Essence of Adolescence’ is an enlightening glimpse... Read more

Dale Grimshaw at Signal gallery

Dale Grimshaw has got a fine art education which meant that he has been difficult for him to be accepted in the streets as a graffiti artist but long ago was that time, Dale Grimshaw seems to plain sailing his style, his own. His new show, Semi-detached... Read more

Missum (Miss Bugs) at Ink_d gallery

Missum, one half of street art sensation Miss Bugs is to exhibit her first ever solo work at Ink_d Gallery, Brighton. Breaking onto the UK street art scene in 2007, the artistic partnership of Miss Bugs, Missum, has gained international acclaim, culminating... Read more

Urban group show at The Muse gallery

PV Tuesday 6/9 | Show: 7till 11/9 (12-7pm) www.themuseat269.com Featuring: solo one | milo tchais | zeus | #codefc | thomas contu |alex wreakage | lucy sparrow  Read More