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Remi Rough mural for Morgan Furniture

Remi Rough Mural for Morgan Furniture | Art-Pie
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We have been a big fan of Remi Rough‘s works and have been following him for a few years. Yet, he manages to keep his artistic output fresh and keeps surprising us every day.

I would mention for the records, this very similar project we covered back in 2011, the Havana Wall Project at Rich Mix, our beloved East London based culture center.

The artist has become a master at curves, lines and perspective  and this installation surely demonstrates just this.

Why such a commission for Morgan Furniture?

We gathered this statement from their website: “This is part of our exploration in to art relaxation and the benefits of colour in the workplace.”

After reading this and looking again at the piece, we can say that Remi Rough did meet the brief in a superb way. The giant curve will definitely set your mind to some untroubled mode, the colours will tempt you for a dive while the black and broken ribbon will draw you further.

A word from the artist

“I shall be transforming the two interior walls of Morgan Furniture’s Clerkenwell showroom into a huge painted installation. The two works, although separate will have a continuation and format that allows them to be viewed as one piece.”

– Remi Rough

Remi Rough exploration of shapes and colours is not something new, we again gathered from the Morgan Furniture site that he has been doing so for roughly 25 years now and that it all started a can in the hand back in 84 very late at night somewhere in South London.

Remi Rough for Morgan Furniture | Art-Pie
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Trains and walls were his targets by then. They still are, well at least walls as far as we know but more and more of his works can be seen in art galleries and commissions, sometimes commercial, keep coming his way we hear (Remi Rough will tell us if the above is not accurate).

From streets to showrooms

is how Morgan Furniture starts his blog post and we believe this got past the artist which seems to be okay with this statement and we are very happy to hear that (again, we hope this is the case – we’ll talk to Remi rough soon about so watch this space).

I wanted to highlight this point as too many so-called “street artists” this day hate this association with such organisations, campaigns or galleries as this makes them less “street” apparently. But Remi Rough does not seem to mind and we welcome this.

We could write pages about that but let’s leave it for now and just say that it is the choice of the artists to get involved or not and if they get involved, it does not take much to make sure to keep any integrity these artists may cherish.

Last but not least, these souls would bounce of joy to be featured on such (wicked) sites like ours even if they cannot admit it. Remember, if your work is awesome, get out there and be seen!

You may tell us your views on this in the Comments section below

Remi Rough at Rich Mix | Art-Pie

Remi Rough Morgan Furniture | Art-Pie
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A video which shows you how it is done

Make sure to watch the short video below which gives you an insight about the technicality and techniques it took to produce such a work. Great footage.

After show at Scream

After Show at Scream | Art-Pie
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The beginning of the year is always a great opportunity to start a fresh page and discover what’s new. In this spirit, we would like to invite you to join us for our upcoming group exhibition AFTER SHOW PARTY.

AFTER SHOW is a transition from our Winter Exhibition, kicking off our new exhibition season in 2016.

You can come and view works of our long-terms collaborators, like Remi Rough, Shuby, Collagism and William Blanchard.

We are also really excited to showcase for the fist time the latest additions to the Scream family – Cassandra Yap, Jimmy C,Joe Cruz, Malarky, Mark Petty & Schoony.

Here are some the artists you will see in the show –

Jimmy C

Jimmy C | Art-Pie

Mark Petty

Mark Petty | Art-Pie

Nawer x Remi Rough wall at Traffic Design Festival

Another day, another pair at it, another sexy piece from Remi Rough who was invited to collaborate with Nawer on a new mural which announces the upcoming Traffic Design Festival

For those familiar with Remi Rough’s stuff, this piece is immediately recognisable and true to the artist’s style in terms of the color palette and elements used – a series of intricate lines cleverly coloured and composed to give a very interesting depth to the piece. The black and white background gives emphasis to the bright colours in use here.

Worth noting the very delicate and skilful details within the larger lines and going through in some cases (see picture below) which gives even more depth to the whole thing. And have you noticed that the front wall have also been painted to make sure the piece look good from every angle.

A winner all round.

Remi Rough x Nawer | Art-Pie

Remi Rough x Nawer | Art-Pie

Remi Rough x Nawer | Art-Pie

The Wall Project at Rich Mix

Rich Mix is back again with a new edition of his project – The Wall Project which has for purpose to find emerging artists.

Last time this event happened, Remi Rough painted an awesome piece, read more and see the photos of it

About the competition –

The Summer Season application received many exciting interpretations on the true values of Havana and the final winner was LXOne. See the finished Wall at Rich Mix (or the photo below) from now until August and enter for the final Wall Project to showcase your art between August and October

From LXOne: “I’ve used shapes and symbols that refers to my work and interpreted the brief using colour and movement. Orange is for the sun, red is for the passion and yellow is for the happiness – all characteristics I see in Cuban humanity. The geometrical patterns convey both accurateness but also spontaneity with my use of the arrow. The value of creativity can be seen in the finished product from submission to completing my work and†the whole creative process been something I have hugely enjoyed having the opportunity to do

Entries for the final wall are submitted by e-mail to visualarts@richmix.org.uk, a selection will be posted on the Havana Club UK and Rich Mix facebook page to invite public feedback.

Entries must be submitted by:
Friday 5th August – with the winning wall design on show from August to October 2011

For further enquiries please contact Manuel Suarez manu@theneonhub.com or 0207 460 5359

Check these out –
Facebook page for The Wall project
LXOne website: http://www.lxone.eu