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Ears at No Vacancy Gallery

We visited this show just after a quick walk through the famous Hosier Lane in Melbourne CBD. The walls of the Lane sport some of Ears original stylings and give you a great point of comparison between Ears older work and his new body presented in this series.

Ears, artist name of Daniel O’Toole, has used a pallet of pastels and more expressive lines to create variations on the characters that have become synonymous with his style over the years.

Allot of people aired concern that a move by Ears towards a fine art aspect may deter allot of his fans, yet when you see the show in person the concepts have translated onto canvas extremely well.

The show is now over

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Enjoy the pics below and visit the link below for the full set:


Jason Williams (REVOK) caught because of Twitter!

Ha ha ha… That was bound to happen, wasn’t it? Caught out because of twittering too much or the wrong thing!

Jason Willians aka REVOK (US graffiti artist) got caught out in Australia (as he was leaving the country) after twittering where he would drop his next graffiti pieces as well as after posting actual pictures of his graffitis freshly sprayed on walls of Melbourne.

And if you wonder how the police knew when to apprehend him at the airport, he twittered it saying ‘he was on his way to the airport’

hmmmm… Just plain stupid on this one or PR stunt?

Anyway, ART-PIE eat his work, he is just a great graffiti artist!

>>> Watch the video