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Turning dirty trucks into canvas with amazing art

Nikita Golubev | Art-Pie

we’ve all seen dirty trucks or cars, I mean covered with muds or dust and we probably did not think more of it. Nikita Golubev, a Russian, sees these trucks and cars as a canvas and, with a set of brushes, will turn dirtiness into awesomeness. We included a few of his masterpieces  Read More

Nikita Nomerz, street at from Russia

Nikita Nomerz

What Nikita Nomerz needs to make his art are walls but not just any wall. His preference goes towards dilapidates ones with broken windows or any sort of holes which he will use in his compositions often depicting a laughing face. Along a few pictures of his work, I have included below a time lapse video which shows Nikita Nomerz painting one of his now recognizable face somewhere in Russia He says: “I started in school with classic hip hop graffiti but became more interested... Read More

P183, street artist or Bankski copycat?

P183 - Seeing is believing

P183 is his name and Moscow his playground where he has recently dropped a series of street artworks which some will tell feels very “banksy-ish”. Banksy, British artist, first began his guerilla artwork campaign in Bristol in the early 1990s. It is hard not to agree when you see some of his works below but one piece particularly caught my eye – Seeing is believing, I actually think it is very clever and is one of the best use of the urban furniture I have seen... Read More