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Street Art London by Frank & Steam156

Street Art London | Street by Frank & Steam156

London has become one of the capital of street art if not THE capital of it. Big names such as Eine, Mobstr, Obey, Roa, or Mr. Brainwash, having made the cover of that book, have sprayed the walls of the capital. Street Art London is focused on the latest and best of London’s many street artists. Plenty of comments and quotes from many of the artists are also included here. A must-read and must-have for street art enthusiasts. There is an opportunity to meet some of the... Read More

Dale Grimshaw at Signal gallery – Moreish

We made our way down to one of our favorite art galleries to check out the new set of works from Dale Grimshaw that makes up his new show entitled “Moreish”. Having seen a few previous shows from the same artist, we knew that we were up for another display of strong emotions from the artist and we were right. This time, the artist looks at the notion of “excess” that is spreading in modern societies and which seems to affect an increasing number of people.... Read More

Guy Denning at Signal gallery – Paradiso

Bristol born artist, Guy Denning final part of his trilogy of exhibitions (It’s the final part of his trilogy of exhibitions interpreting Dante’s The Divine Comedy; PARADISO. Inferno and Purgatorio, which were shown in Bologna and New York) interpreting Dante’s The Divine Comedy: PARADISO has just happened at Signal gallery and has delighted us by his intensity and display of technical art skills. Each piece in this show is boiling with emotions and dynamism and mirror the... Read More

Joram Roukes at Signal gallery

ART-PIE - Joram Roukes at Signal gallery

Another show that was one not to miss so I pressed on to get there asap. Joram Roukes is a regular at Signal gallery, this is not his first show in the premises – Find out more As soon as you step in, you cannot get your eyes off the large canvases that run along the walls. Joram Roukes mainly paints on a large scale with his preferred medium : oil once again. He clearly masters it and give us another set of figurative paintings where humans, animals and objects assemble. As... Read More

Dale Grimshaw at Signal gallery

Dale Grimshaw has got a fine art education which meant that he has been difficult for him to be accepted in the streets as a graffiti artist but long ago was that time, Dale Grimshaw seems to plain sailing his style, his own. His new show, Semi-detached is the expression of monsters and victims, making reference here to his violent father and the tensions this created in the household. Dale Grimshaw are full of that tension, the whole composition and combination of human and animal... Read More