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“The reasons for seasons” show at Stolen Space


StolenSpace is proud to present ‘The Reasons For Seasons’ A group show featuring StolenSpace roster of International artists.
A stunning array of pieces show the calendar year through art and will take you on a journey of seasons, colours, creativity and inspirations.

Stolen Space gallery | Art-Pie
By Buffmonster

Work by artists:
Alex Yanes • Andrew Mcattee • Arth Daniels • Beau Stanton • Ben Frost • Buff Monster • C215 • Charlie Anderson • Crystal Wagner • Curtis Kulig • David Bray • D*Face • Drew Merritt • Evoca 1 • Felipe Pantone • Gary Stranger • James Bullough • Jana & JS • Joram Roukes • Josie Morway • Kai & Sunny • Lauren Napolitano • Low Bros • Matt Small • Miss Van • Mysterious Al • Vinnie Nylon • Paul Stephenson • Pez • Ramon Maiden • Reka • Ronzo • Ryan Callanan • Scott Listfield • Shepard Fairey • Sylvia Ji • The London Police • Von • Will Barras • Word To Mother • 1010

What – The reasons for seasons
Where – Stolen Space gallery, 17 Osborn Street, London UK E1 6TD
When – Until 23/12/2015

Joram Roukes at Signal gallery

Another show that was one not to miss so I pressed on to get there asap. Joram Roukes is a regular at Signal gallery, this is not his first show in the premises – Find out more

As soon as you step in, you cannot get your eyes off the large canvases that run along the walls. Joram Roukes mainly paints on a large scale with his preferred medium : oil once again. He clearly masters it and give us another set of figurative paintings where humans, animals and objects assemble.

As always, the artist’s work composition is simple: characters or simply a face on a plain background which emphasizes the figurative work. Joram Roukes breaks down to the extreme the usual sight we may be used to normalize when it comes to people’s apperances.  You find yourself spending some time on each artwork, there is so much going on the canvas. Look closer and paintings within the painting shows up – see an example below.

ART-PIE - Joram Roukes at Signal galleryART-PIE - Joram Roukes at Signal gallery

ART-PIE - Joram Roukes at Signal galleryART-PIE - Joram Roukes at Signal gallery

ART-PIE - Joram Roukes at Signal galleryART-PIE - Joram Roukes at Signal gallery

ART-PIE - Joram Roukes at Signal galleryART-PIE - Joram Roukes at Signal gallery

Joram Roukes & Sean Madden at Signal gallery

I managed to get to see the current group show at Signal gallery and I am glad I did. The shows called Mixed doubles presents works from Dan Baldwin, John Squire, Andrew Mc Attee, Sean Madden and Joram Roukes.

While I am familiar with the first three artists mentioned, I did not know much about the two latter ones – Sean Madden and Joram Roukes and what a shame that is as these two have got very strong and powerful works on display.

Joram Roukes – oil on canvas
Like Dan Baldwin, Joram Roukes does figurative paintings but unlike Baldwin’s works, Roukes’ color palette is lighter making the whole composition a lot less intense. But looking at what those paintings depict – series of layered figures, completely at random – you get for example what looks like a human body but with a bear’s head or a dog’s one, looks closer and you will notice the back stabbed with the back of an aircraft on fire; Joram Roukes’ paintings also have got an intensity in them.

You will have got it by now, Joram Roukes work will probably appear ridiculous to some but also and most probably like a joy for more people. Funny and intriguing could summarize what this is all about.

Sean Madden – bronze sculpture
I did not pay much attention to this artist when I first read about this show, I could blame on the gallery for actually not mentioning an awful lot about him but I should have made my own research so we call it a draw. We are looking here at sculptures work. Not a fan of these type of work, Sean Madden is certainly one of these artists that will make you like sculpture or at least take a closer look at it.

His sculptures for this show are tiny but yet so powerful. The display put together by Signal definitely does some good to emphasize the beauty of these sculptures. When you spot them, you cannot stop looking at them. What could be an angel is hanging above the other sculptures and give the whole installation a mystical dimension.

I have also included pictures of some of Andrew Mc Attee’s and John Squire’s artworks

The show runs until the 5th March 2011

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Group show at Signal gallery – Mixed doubles

In our first group show in the new Paul Street space, we are presenting four very interesting artists whose work links and entwines in very winning ways. It’s a fine match between the abstract and figurative ends of the painting spectrum.

However, this is not a one sided game, but an exploration of overlapping skills and techniques, that will make excellent viewing, if not producing any obvious winners.

Dan Baldwin
Of the two strongly figurative artists in the show, Dan Baldwin is best known to the UK. His dynamic and intricately subtle paintings are a familiar and respected part of the contemporary/urban art scene.

Joram Roukes
Joram Roukes is a new name to the UK. Roukes large-scale oil paintings have a sense of fantasy and humour that is superficially akin to Baldwin’s work. However, there is a more robust and serious purpose to these works, which gives them a powerful and dark effect.

Joram Rouke

Andrew McAttee
The absence of any familiar figurative imagery seems to create an unnerving sense of emptiness. This is indeed joyous and decorative work (Power Pop Art as the artist calls it), with a childlike directness, but somehow there is still a sense of a void, giving the work an edge.

John Squire
His artwork first came to public notice with the very popular Pollockesque album cover designs for his band. Since then, his work has been paired down and has become generally abstract in form.

10th February Private View.
11th February – 5th March open to public.

Signal gallery – 32 Paul Street London, EC2A 4LB

Words by Signal gallery