More graffiti

Teufelsberg (Devil’s Mountain) – street art in a forest

In the centre of Grunwald Forest in the former West Berlin is an artificial mountain, Teufelsberg, made by man using the rubble from approximately 400,000 buildings that were destroyed in WWII. The structure that sits on top is ‘The Listening Station’... Read more

His name is #codefc

If you are keen on graffiti, you must have seen #codefc stuff on some walls, one of his latest and probably most seen is the Olympic runner with the message “Fuck 2012 – I am ready now ” The man behind #codefc has been active as a graffiti... Read more

Jumping on the bandwagon – The Foundry

The Foundry has really been doing the rounds on the street art/graffiti blogs and websites over the last month or so. Some people are loving it and others are getting sick of hearing about it. As we are huge fans of many of the artists that have been... Read more

Ceda & Dume: graffiti writers

Justin Nethercut has put a great video in which he interviews two Baltimore graffiti writers who have been rather busy as of late – Ceda & Dume. This first film of a monthly video series Justin is going to be directing for them on street art... Read more

Urban graffiti from Melbourne

Wow, wow, wow. Get a very good quality camera and find a graffiti spot in Melbourne and this is what you get.  Read More

Paragon gym – E1 7JE London: biceps & graffs

On my way to go and see the Sweet Toof show at Arch402, I stumbled upon Paragon gym and its mighty entrance flanked with awesome graffiti. I could not resist the temptation to snap these away, well I had my camera so it would have been non sense not to. Enjoy... Read more

Team Robbo’s wonders on Holloway Road

Click to enlarge I cannot believe I had forgotten about this huge wall on Holloway Road. I went past it a few weeks ago but could not stop to take pictures. I have done so today. Enjoy the pictures below. At the time where I am writing this, I hear some... Read more

Art on the wall – Great eastern street (London)

I always expect to see new stuff painted on the walls of Great Eastern street, this street would be probably top of the chart of creativity in London.On my way to Signal gallery to see the new Baldwin show, I had the camera in one hand and the eyes looking... Read more

Quality street art spotted in Dalston

I went past it many many times but did not see it or just a glimpse of it and thought that it must be one off graffiti worth seeing surely but no rush for it. I was so wrong. I then decided last week end that on my way, I should go and check out that... Read more

Dots : a Burning Candy film

A document filming and following the entire Burning Candy crew is being shot right now. Their Street Art is a familiar visual encounter on the walls of London and especially in East London and on Brick Lane. This movie is still being shot but the preview... Read more