‘Portraits in Character’ by Alexander Newley at St Martin’s in-the-Fields

Artist Alexander Newley is delighted to announce his solo exhibition ‘Portraits in Character – supporting St Martin-in-the-Fields’, in the Crypt of St Martin’s, Trafalgar Square from 7th to 21st November. The exhibition is to run in partnership with St Martin-in-the-Fields, a fitting location for the exhibition, with its proximity to the National Portrait Gallery and … Continue reading ‘Portraits in Character’ by Alexander Newley at St Martin’s in-the-Fields

Message in the Code

We are surrounded by coded communications.  The artists of This ‘Me’ of Mine present an interesting insight into the difference gender makes to interacting with these coded communications.  Curiously, I became aware of this difference by posting snippets, sometimes almost cryptic messages, from some of the artists’ bios on Twitter.  A few weeks ago I … Continue reading Message in the Code

Hayley Lock at Transition gallery

Launched at Ickworth House in Suffolk in July 2011 (Now that would be) Telling is a collaborative project between the artist Hayley Lock, curator Catherine Hemelryk and writers Jessica Hart, Lucinda Hawksley, Ben Moor, Hallie Rubenhold and Liz Williams. Lock and the writers have created a series of site-specific works in English stately homes. Part … Continue reading Hayley Lock at Transition gallery