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10 Fidel Castro & Cuba Related Street Art Pieces

Fidel Castro | Art-Pie

Fidel Castro passed away last Friday, he was 90 years old. We browsed the Internet and gathered below a few pics of street art all related to either Cuba or its most famous Prime Minister – Fidel Castro Here are 10 Fidel Castro & Cuba Related Street art Pieces. By svetercze, Bergen (Norway) Mural of Fidel Castro & Ernest Hemingway, La Havana (Cuba) Fidel Castro, La Havana (Cuba) Cuba, Trinidad Fidel Castro, Cuba Who is Fidel Castro? Fidel Alejandro Castro... Read More

Thanksgiving and street art

Thanksgiving | Art-Pie

Thanksgiving is one week away and we again browsed the web in search of street art related to the American public holiday. We included some of our findings below Happy Thanksgiving! 1. New Haven (USA) This piece is located in New Haven and on Water street (USA), well it was back in 2009 so we are guessing it must be gone. Great piece though. We like the way the lettering works has become dishes like details of the artwork About Thanksgiving Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day,... Read More

Black Friday & street art

'Shop til your drop' by Banksy | Art-Pie

It is almost upon us… yes Black Friday is a thing and this means money being spent, overspent, wasted – pick yours. You may recall the piece called ‘Shop til your drop’ by the artist Banksy which appeared on Bruton lane, Mayfair, London a few years back. This piece depicts a woman being pulled down or falling and reaching for a shopping cart. We included other street art from the web & related to Black Friday – Black Friday & street art. ‘Shop... Read More

5 street art pieces about Brexit

Some of you may know this – UK Parliament will debate on a second EU referendum at Westminster Hall on 5 September 2016, after an online petition attracted more than four-million signatures. As a reminder, 51.9% of the UK voted to leave the European Union on 23 June 2016, with a turnout of 72.2%. We thought we’ll share with you guys 5 street art pieces about Brexit 1. “Not #InForThis?” by The WeAreEurope artist collective& Paintsmiths Of Bristol, Bristol,... Read More