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Art Drive – BMW cars turned into artwork

Art Drive - Jeff Koons | Art-Pie

Whatever some may think about the London 2012 Olympics, it is bringing a lot art and life to the city making it not only the sport capital of the world but very much a cultural hub right now. We have started to enjoy the many exhibitions and pop up art... Read more

Ron English and Risk at Black Rat Projects

Big Boy by Risk - Art-Pie

We managed to get a look at the latest show at Black Rat Projects called “Letters From America” where works from Ron English, TrustoCorp, Risk and Saber are on display. Pictures of the artworks below. As soon as you step into the gallery,... Read more

Wonderful World, solo show by Gérard Rancinan

Gerard Rancinan

Where: Londonewcastle Project Space When: 7-24 June 2012 Thursday evening I managed to drop by the Londonewcastle space to see first hand the Rancinan show presented by The Future Tense. I  had known about the exhibition for some time and was really... Read more

Joram Roukes at Signal gallery

ART-PIE - Joram Roukes at Signal gallery

Another show that was one not to miss so I pressed on to get there asap. Joram Roukes is a regular at Signal gallery, this is not his first show in the premises – Find out more As soon as you step in, you cannot get your eyes off the large canvases... Read more

Catlin Art Prize 2012

Julia Vogl's "lets hang out" - Catlin art prize winner

Let’s hang out by Julia Vogl Catlin Art Prize (www.artcatlin.com) When: Wednesday 16 April 2012 Where: Londonnewcastle Project Space, London, E2 7DP The winner of the 2012 Catlin Art Prize is Julia Vogl, a 2011 graduate of the Slade School of Fine... Read more

Bauhaus: Art as Life


Last week The Barbican Centre opened its doors to a major exhibition about the highly influential Bauhaus movement. The show explores the German art and design school that ran between 1919 and 1933 and made a profound impact on our contemporary world... Read more

Designs of the Year

I must admit I don’t often think about how design is all around me. I could say it is embedded in my life, from when I wake up to when I go to bed. My alarm clock, the typography in my book, the label on my favourite bottle of plonk and the lamp... Read more

Artists pick from the 2012 London art fair – part 3

Elfyn Lewis via Beaux Arts London

Here is the third part of our artists pick from the 2012 London art fair | Read part 1 | Read part 2 Paul Richards via Connaught Brown Pastel on paper Elfyn Lewis via Beaux Arts London Acrylic on MDF Tanc via The French Art Studios Spray paint and... Read more

Artists pick from the 2012 London art fair – part2

Fernando Kindelan via Olivier Waltman gallery

Here is the second part of our artists pick from the 2012 London Art fair | Read part 1 | Read part 3 Pakpoom Silaphan via Scream Collage and illustration with marker pen and emulsion Zac Freeman via Woolff gallery Assemblage on board Fernando Kindelan... Read more

Artists pick from the 2012 London art fair – part1

Gerald Laing via Sims Red gallery

If there is one art fair I have been and do not want to miss from now on, is the London Art Fair (LAF). Why is that? Just simply because it presents over 100 galleries featuring the great names of 20th century British art and exceptional contemporary... Read more