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John Felix Arnold at Shooting gallery

We did not happen to be at the opening reception for John FelixArnold III’s show Pilgrimage just because being based in London, a trip to at Shooting Gallery in San Francisco would have been just too epic.

We read though about it above all enjoyed very much looking at the artist’s new works which associate painting, drawing and mixed media. We are presented in this show with his hyperbolised visual depictions of a post-apocalyptic future world called Unstoppable Tomorrow.

This is a new installment in Arnold’s series of Past exhibition volumes have included Unstoppable Tomorrow Vol.1, Past from the Blast, The Love of All Above, Should I Stay or Should I Go?, Found in Darkness, Bright on Time, and In Memory Of. Read more about this work on Vimeo

We have included some of the works in the show below.



The exhibition, running from May 10 through June 7 at Shooting gallery in San Fransisco

Tom French at Lawrence Alkin gallery

Tom French is one of these artists who conveys a very particular style and when you see a “Tom French” you know right away that it is a “Tom French”.

With this idea occupying my mind, I was looking forward to see the artist’s new show “Flux” at Lawrence Alkin gallery. I was already familiar with the artist’s intricate style where skulls are a major element in his works.

But look closer and you might realise that there is most probably another more important element in that artist’s composition : the “hidden” characters that actually make up those skulls and faces and this is what we particularly like this artist.

FLUX is another tribute to the fact that the artist plays so cleverly with figurative realism and surrealism and invite you to a twirl of emotions and suggestions.

The show runs until the 5th May 2014

Tom French at Lawrence Alkin | Art-Pie

Tom French at Lawrence Alkin | Art-Pie

Tom French at Lawrence Alkin | Art-Pie

The Curious Art-Pie Show

We had a great time and exhibited awesome works from drawing to sculpture in the hope to find emerging talents. We were very pleased with what we got in the end.

The Curious Art-Pie show | Art-PieThis show was generously sponsored by Curious Duke Gallery and consisted of an online public voting contest: anyone could submit one artwork ranging from paintings to sculpture.

We also asked a panel of judges that consisted of well known and established artists – Dan Baldwin, Pam Glew, Dave White and Andrea Tyrimos, and we got out 22 artists to exhibit their work last February 2014.

The response was overwhelming and the quality of the submissions was remarkable. Even better, a massive crowd turned up at the opening making this show a real success for us Art-Pie as the curator and organiser to Eleni, the owner of the Curious Duke Gallery who signed up a couple of promising artists.

Have a look at the Facebook photo album of the opening as well as the Twitter thread for #capshow14

Here are some of the artists that featured in the show

March Atherthon (catch22)

The Curious Art-Pie show | Art-Pie

Samantha Gare

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The Curious Art-Pie show | Art-Pie

Stephen Whatcott

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"The Pontiac" by Stephen Whatcott | Art-Pie

Sculptures from the London Art fair

Following our first trip to the London Art fair, where we noticed and appreciated very much the abstract works on display, we thought we would be sharing some of the sculpture works we came across.

Artist: Alexandre Durand
Title: Ex Calce Liberatus
Medium: Mixed media (steel, aluminium, gold)

Alexandre Durand - London Art Fair | Art-Pie

Artist: Anna Gillepsie
Title: To the limit
Medium: Bronze
Anna Gillepsie - London Art Fair | Art-Pie

Artist: Keith haynes
Title: No Mr Bond
Medium: Mixed media
Keith Hanes - London Art Fair | Art-Pie

Artist: Paul Day
Title: Burst
Medium: Bronze
Paul Day - London Art Fair | Art-Pie

Artist: Schoony
Title: Boy soldier Panel Union Jack
Medium: Fibreglass
Schoony - London Art Fair | Art-Pie

Gimme gimme abstract art at the London Art Fair

On our way to the Business Centre, where the London Art fair takes place, we could not help but speculating about what we would see and remembered all the wonders we saw in the past years.

A quick ushering through by the fair staff and we were in. Thursday evening is a good day to go at the fair as you are sure to find on your path some waiting staff eagerly willing to hand you over free bottles of beers.

We thought we’ll go around the ground floor as well as the first floor today where you normally find the “mammoths”. By this I mean the heavy-weight art galleries which mainly deal “fine art”. As we were hopping from one booth to the other, it was becoming obvious to our eyes: abstract art we were seeing was awesome and stood out from almost anything else.

We have included below the best pieces we thought we saw.

Wilhelmina Barn Graham | Art-Pie

Alan Davie | Art-Pie

Andy Stewart | Art-PieMartyn Brewster | Art-Pie

Alan Davie | Art-Pie

Pamela Clarkson x Atta Kwam | Art-Pie

Onkurodano Unjaku | Art-Piewilliam-crozier