Other reviews

Armsrock at Signal gallery: “Drawn Towards The Present”

I knew very little about Armsrock before going to Signal gallery but I was pretty sure I would get to see something different, the sort of show where you feel you have a new experience. Danish artist, Armsrock’s medium is charcoal and for his solo... Read more

Busk Bleach Zadok at Pure Evil gallery

Last time I went to Pure Evil gallery I was blown away by the exhibit I saw from ROA (read post here) as well as the gallery itself and the way it was used: clever and original display of the artwork and above all fresh works from the artist himself on... Read more

Cissy Cook at Smithfield gallery: chill out

I had only gone once to the Smithfield gallery a while back ago to see DEUS – works from the UVA (United Visual Artists) and was happily pleased with it although I did not know what to make of it before seeing it. I headed down in the same state... Read more

Jef Aerosol at Signal: girls, girls, girls and stencils

Another artist who is at the top of the stencils game but who wouldn’t after being at the vanguard of the French stencil art scene since the eighties. Jef’s artworks are well executed, composed and elegant. In his second show, Jef is showing... Read more

Now is ‘really’ time for Street Art at Black Rat

This is what of those shows that when you hear about them, the automatic and systematic next thing you do is to pencil that in your diary in a big font. Now’s The Time exhibition at Black Rat gallery is an impressive group show, a sort of retrospective... Read more

Arth Daniels at Stolen Space: jigsawed faces

When I got into Stolen Space, I was immediately caught by the sense of freshness in Arth Daniel’s execution of the medium of oil paint – the large canvases stood right there on the walls, the colors were anything but attractive, the illustrations,... Read more

ROA at Pure Evil gallery: raw

I have been going around London many times to try to snap up some street art and came across ROA’s stuff on several occasions. I knew little about the guy from Ghent (Belgium) and was therefore very keen on finding out more about him and his obsession... Read more

Kicks & canvas: lace’em up

Last time I went to see an exhibition with this sort of line-up, the Lock Up exhibition for those who would like to read about it, the stuff I saw was pretty good and would actually most probably please any one into stencils, spray paint or hip hop so... Read more

Usugrow at Stolen Space: meet hasadu

Inside Stolen Space and looking around Usugrow’s artwork and it is obvious to me: if you are into black and white with punk rock visuals such as skulls and roses, you may well forget the price tags and get the gallery staff to immediately stick... Read more

Jaybo Monk at Stolen Space: stormy time

I was as excited to find out about Stolen Space as I was to find out about Jabo Monk’s new works. Both did not dissapoint. I like the sobriety of the venue with that quirky artwork of roads signs outside the gallery – nice touch. This out... Read more