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Dance & 3D – Le mouvement de l’air

3D dance - Art-Pie

3D technology which once was promised to succeed (back in the 80s) completely disappeared (or almost) as a medium for any artistry around but this is changing. 3D movies have been a regular hits at the Box Office while 3D gaming is booming. 3D and dance? Meet Adrien M and Claire B, pioneers in embracing and using multimedia in their choreographies, present us with a fascinating and reactive projection-mapped performance. The Movement of the Air, now a video, is bond to bend... Read More

Awesome glass silhouettes Reveal 3D human forms

I think we mentioned before that sculpture is a form of art, here at Art-Pie, which we enjoy more and more as we stumble upon yet another great artist like Jed Malitz We appreciate when artists think twice about what they want to produce or achieve and put loads of thoughts in it. But hold on, we also want and like artists to be conquerors of beauty in art and only brushing the canvas to get the perfect picture, to get the perfect colour blend which will trigger emotions for... Read More

3D sand art

3D sand art | Art-Pie

3D art using sand. Not much to say apart from why not having a go at it this summer when you are on your favourite beach instead of lying around? And burying your best mate in the sand is also fun but not that creative. Simply awesome don’t you think?  Read More

Animated 3D gifs by Nick Thomm

Last Thursday night, Nick Thomm’s latests solo exhibition, Tropic Glows, opened. Thomm took over the entire two-story space, transforming the basement into a fully immersive screening room, in which he housed his intricate 3D video works, while upstairs played host to both the crowds and a combination of Thomm’s mixed media works on fluro Plexiglass, holographic skate decks and neon pieces. We included below 3 animated GIF works by the artist. We like them very much.... Read More

Alex Meade’s 3D made into 2D street art

Alexa Meade | Art-Pie

Meet Alexa Meade. He creates amazing series of living graffiti art but the twist is that he masters the ability of using actual people made to look like they belong in their 2D graffiti background. No need to say that the level of careful painting and attention to detail is huge here but it works pretty awesomely to turns three dimensional figures into two dimensional figures. All participants are painted in black and white and cleverly get tangled  in the explosive and coloured... Read More