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Splash on cellophane, not walls

Cellophane on graffiti by CelloGraph | Art-Pie

Should the thought of being arrested and possibly get a jail sentence for spraying on walls refrain you from expressing your creativity, look no further we have got a solution. 1. Get down to your corner shop or supermarket and buy cellophane rolls, loads of them. 2. Find two trees or pillars quite close to each other and start rolling the cellophane around one of them 3. Stretch the roll to the other tree and again roll it around 4. Tear off 5. Smile 6. Get your cans out 7. Spray. We... Read More

RUN has hit the walls of Village Underground

RUN at Village Underground | Art-Pie

Artist RUN just finished his piece on the walls of the Village Underground project space and has kindly sent in a few pictures which are shown below. This commission came as a bit of a surprise for the artist since the guys at VU rang him at the last minute and asked him whether he would like to fill the 6 days off advertising gap by painting the outside walls The job took about 5 hours and depicts one of classic RUN’s feaure already seen across London streets and beyond.  Read More

Valencia, full of police, full of beautiful walls


Miss Kaliansky, a keen street art shooter, has been around the spanish city of Valencia and has sent us back this mighty set of street art Featured artists: Blu | Cere | Deih | Dong | Eric il Cane | Escif | Hyuro Only Ateme | Ro | Pez | Radghe | Sam3 & STN STN and Dong pieces are our favorites, what are yours? Blu STN Sam3 (left) and PEZ (right) RADHGE Only Ateme & Ro ESCIF DEIH (left) & DONG (right)  Read More

Ronzo’s cockroaches and secret walls win

We bring you our encounter with Ronzo‘s secret walls appearance at Streefest, street culture festival showcasing live art, which happened last May in East London. We have also included pics from the Whitecross street party whose Ronzo was one of the thirty artists taking part on the event. His now famous cockroach figure could be seen lurking on building roofs.  Read More

SAFEWALLS: Art Project by Cirque du Soleil

To kick off the new year, High Roller Society teams up with Cirque du Soleil to launch a brand-new art project called SAFEWALLS. On the first leg of a worldwide tour SAFEWALLS will stop over in London for 3 days ONLY, featuring original works and limited edition prints by British artists Sweet Toof, Jon Burgerman and Glenn Anderson. The Safewalls project celebrates Cirque du Soleil’s roots—the street—as well as the creative freedom and raw energy associated with street arts... Read More