Project Mighty and Napoleon by Adobe

The last few years have seen the rise of digital art. Devices such as Ipads have been at the forefront of this and some artists already master the new medium.

Adobe could be taking this a bit further with their new projects Mighty stylus and Napoleon ruler. These two pieces of hardware are designed to work with Adobe’s touch and tablet apps. Project Mighty is a pressure sensitive stylus, and Project Napoleon is a small ruler that projects straight lines onto the tablet for more precise drawings. 

Watch the video below to get a better understanding

Busk Bleach Zadok at Pure Evil gallery

Last time I went to Pure Evil gallery I was blown away by the exhibit I saw from ROA (read post here) as well as the gallery itself and the way it was used: clever and original display of the artwork and above all fresh works from the artist himself on the walls – really like this approach where you feel the gallery is owned by the artist so once again, well done to Charles at Pure Evil.

Even more so when you learn that all the works I was looking at that day has been created just for that show. Continue reading Busk Bleach Zadok at Pure Evil gallery

Gordon Cheung’s at Edel Assanti gallery

This is it. It is lunch and I am craving, not food, but a good art show to go and check out, preferably a short distance from the office.

I quickly gathered my thoughts and here I am on my way to Zari gallery on Newman street (London) or this is where I thought I was going, should I rather say.

I stand there now and as I look up, I realise that I am in front of a gallery called Edel Assanti (the galleries are next to each other but I had never realised there were two separate ones until that day).

As I step in the gallery, I cannot help but noticing the simplicity and sobriety of the venue, which is not a bad thing at all, since it enables the viewer to focus only on what matters – the artistic output from the current show.

A quick nodding to the gallery assistant and here I am, almost trotting towards the back of the gallery to look at ‘Great Wall Of Sand‘.

This very large piece drew my attention right away, because all large pieces usually do, but also because I could not make out what I was looking at from far.

I still can’t.

Now, what really needs your attention is the relief in this piece, which you cannot figure out at first but come closer and closer and you’ll see that actual sand (see below) is included in Gordon Cheung’s work.

Samples of what looks like newspapers also help to make up some of the background of this artwork.

A beautiful and dreamy piece.

Gordon Cheung Unknowns Knows at Edel Assanti gallery | Art-Pie
Great Wall Of Sand (Click to enlarge)

Gordon Cheung Unknowns Knows at Edel Assanti gallery | Art-Pie

Gordon Cheung Unknowns Knows at Edel Assanti gallery | Art-Pie

Alongside the large pieces (of what looks like sceneries – more pics below), 2 other different types of works are on display –

The first one is using plain pigment paste (and later painted on) and stuck sand on canvas again (see previous post) and depicts flowers in a vase like I have never seen it before. Although, the aesthetics of the piece did not wow me, I can appreciate the various technics and the ‘refreshing’ take on such a subject.

Gordon Cheung Unknowns Knows at Edel Assanti gallery | Art-Pie Gordon Cheung Unknowns Knows at Edel Assanti gallery | Art-Pie

The second type of work is radically different with the rest and is a series of what may look like collages. It also reminds me of some times where you watch TVs and the signal gets weak – you know what I mean I am sure.

I must have been distracted by the other type of artworks in this show, since as I was going through the photographs I took, I felt urge to go back and have another look at those.

Gordon Cheung Unknowns Knows at Edel Assanti gallery | Art-Pie

Last time we saw Gordon Cheung’s works was 7 years ago and we are glad to see that the artist is still pushing the boundaries as much as in terms of the colour palette he used than disrupting the usual and common perception of a painting being flat

More –

Girls, glasses and tattoos

Some people like art for its meaning or the messages that it conveys but others will appreciate the art for its beauty, its aesthetic. I will not dive into what is beauty or aesthetic in art but I would rather illustrate one form of beauty – tattoos, the art of tattoos. And what about tattoos on girls wearing glasses? I know.

Hoping these trigger emotions in relation to the sense of beauty you have got in mind.

Girls, tattoos and glasses | Art-PieGirls, tattoos and glasses | Art-Pie

Girls, tattoos and glasses | Art-PieGirls, tattoos and glasses | Art-Pie

Girls, tattoos and glasses | Art-PieGirls, tattoos and glasses | Art-Pie

First seen on inkedmag

London Art Fair – artists we enjoyed, Guy Allen

We strolled through the London Art Fair for the fourth consecutive year and as always stumbled upon remarkable artworks from ever so talented artists.

In this series, we will tell you why we liked a particular piece from these artists as well as posting more works. We hope you will also enjoy it as we did.

Feel free to comment too at the end of this article. Let’s get started….

Guy Allen

Guy Allen | Art-Pie
Click to enlarge

We stumbled upon the piece called “Horse Study Yellow” – etching, Aquatint with 1 colour screenprint and instantly got drawn to it. We like the contrast in this piece and when artists use 2 or 3 colours. Some may qualify this as minimalist art and this is fair enough. We think a grey on any colour is striking.

About the artist

British printmaker Guy Allen is highly skilled at drawing from the animal world. His limited edition etchings are beautifully detailed, and sometimes include abstract elements. He’s a graduate of Central St Martins who has also studied at École Nationale Supérieure Des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

He has worked with the highly respected Curwen Studios and now works out of London’s Artichoke Studios. Guy’s work has been included in the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition and is popular at London’s major art fairs including the Animal Art Fair.

Other works from this artist

Click to enlarge

Guy Allen | Art-Pie

Guy Allen | Art-Pie

Guy Allen | Art-Pie

Guy Allen | Art-Pie

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