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A glow in the dark skate park

Otro by Koo Jeong-A | Art_Pie

We all like when art means having fun, don’t we? How about then if you could skateboard on a sculpture and even better glow-in-the-dark skate park? Yes you would or at least you would support the concept. The concept is out there in fact and in France precisely. Korean artist Koo Jeong-A has come up with a solution. The structure is called Otro, and is made from green phosphorescent concrete (how cool is that) so it gives off a radioactive glare at night. It is composed... Read More

Snail life by Otto Schade at Sunscape Festival, Gozo, Malta

Otto Schade flu to Malta and attended Sunscape festival in Malta. He produced new artwork for the occasion, namely “Snail’s life” which depicts a snail having as its shell, a skull looking one. Special paint was used so the artwork glows in the dark, pretty cool uh?! Click to enlarge Click to enlarge About Sunscape festival Sunscape is a place to party; free our minds; learn and be inspired.A haven for us to enjoy the outdoors, make new friends and transform... Read More

Animated 3D gifs by Nick Thomm

Last Thursday night, Nick Thomm’s latests solo exhibition, Tropic Glows, opened. Thomm took over the entire two-story space, transforming the basement into a fully immersive screening room, in which he housed his intricate 3D video works, while upstairs played host to both the crowds and a combination of Thomm’s mixed media works on fluro Plexiglass, holographic skate decks and neon pieces. We included below 3 animated GIF works by the artist. We like them very much.... Read More

John Felix Arnold at Shooting gallery

John Felix Arnold | Art-Pie

We did not happen to be at the opening reception for John FelixArnold III’s show Pilgrimage just because being based in London, a trip to at Shooting Gallery in San Francisco would have been just too epic. We read though about it above all enjoyed very much looking at the artist’s new works which associate painting, drawing and mixed media. We are presented in this show with his hyperbolised visual depictions of a post-apocalyptic future world called Unstoppable Tomorrow. This... Read More

The Space Between The Stars at Scream

Regine Schumann

Show flyer (click to enlarge) ‘The Space Between The Stars‘ opens this Friday at Scream. Expect London and international artists and the recurrent yet infinite “light” as a medium in art. Many artists in the past experimented with it, such as Robert Irwin for example, and as the artists in this show, gave an immersive experience for the viewer. This show promises a variety of approaches in trying to break down light.  Korean-born US based artist Bohyun... Read More