More street art

Alive heart by Promesto

We have come across this meaningful street art installation by Promesto and we like it so we talked to the artist and asked him to tell us a bit more about it. Make sure to check out the video! ART-PIE: What is “Alive Heart” all about? Promesto:... Read more

Dan Witz and his 3D street art

New-York based street artist and real painter, Dan Witz masters the technique called “trompe-l’oeil” with his technique – he uses metal grate graphic that he backs with a 1/8″ thick plastic that give the lifting effect and... Read more

Astro Naut and friends

Another great set of Spanish street art, another great collaboration between artists: Sabek | Dingo | E1000 | Winsor | Shibe | Ciril | Astro Naut Astro Naut & Dingo & Sabek Winsor & Astro Naut_Cuenca E1000 & Astro Naut (Madrid) Sabek & Dingo & Shibe &... Read more

Codefc in Amsterdam

A few works from Codefc can now been seen across Amsterdam. We have put some of these below. We particularly like the juxtaposition with the famous painting “The milkmaid” by the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. The milkmaid by Vermeer  Read More

TEASER project – Paris

TEASER project is an enthusiastic collective effort which document the Paris street art scene. You will come across artists like Atlas, FKDL, Da Cruz or C215. We like the interactive map telling about where you can find street art work. We like even more... Read more

Smug, Cheo and more

Smug from Glasgow

I was glad to find out about this exciting project pushed by Bruce McClure – showcasing some of the best in UK street art / graffiti talent with a distinctive inspired theme – ape. Beyond the very well put together time-lapse videos, the concept... Read more

Blu and Ericailcane – Octopus mural

Another collaboration from street artists Blu and Ericailcane and again it is big, it is some awesomesess for your eyes. Photos from Hypebeast  Read More

Astro Naut – 3D toys

We met with Astro Naut who can be described as a street art sculptor. We need more of his stuff out there as what he does is just awesome and more importantly we like very much the manufacturing aspect of it. Did I mention that he is from Spain, a very... Read more

JR photo booth in Paris

JR has been busy for the last recent months and even more since he won the TED prize earlier this year. PARIS – JR is always keen on putting interaction and social aspect right into his work. I present you “Photo Booth”, the new social art... Read more

Street art from Madrid

Miss Kaliansky kindly sent these awesome street art below spotted in the streets of Madrid Featured artist: Saner | Eltono | Nano4814 | Remed | Mart1 Remed, Mart1 Remed, Eltono, Nano4814 Saner  Read More