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9 Artists Predicted to Make Waves in 2016

If you are into art, you will have heard of the famous names doing the rounds. However, there are many artists currently under the radar who are looking for the chance to break out and make it big. Here are 9 artists who are predicted to make waves in 2016:

1. David Choe

He is an American artist of Korean descent, best known for figure painting, creating murals, graffiti and creating novel graphics. His paintings have been called “dirty style” for they portray excitement, degradation and desire with a chaotic, raw tone. He is famous for his “Bucktoothed Whale” graffiti and many others he made on the streets of Los Angeles. He has been creating street art since he was a teenager, inspired by other graffiti artists of LA, such as Mear One and Hex. He also accepted Facebook stock options in exchange for painting a mural, which is now believed to be worth a lot of money.

David Choe | Art-Pie

2. Rosson Crow

She is also an American artist from LA. She claims to be inspired by diverse references, such as the cowboy culture, Las Vegas architecture, theatre and music. She creates large-scale paintings that drip with excitement, illustrating theatre with a touch of history. For instance, her 2007 painting “Night at the Palamino” illustrates a scene at a Hollywood nightclub which once played hosts to legendary artists, such as Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline and Willie Nelson.

Rosson Crow | Art-Pie

3. James Jean

He is an American artist of Taiwanese descent. He is known for creating various DC comic book covers and has received various recognitions in that industry. However, in 2008, Jean retired from his comic book drawings to focus on painting. He has been incredibly successful in his painting career as well, most notably known for his work with Prada, including a mural for the 2008 show in Milan. Jean’s paintings are known for their romanticism and poetic depictions.

James Jean | Art-Pie

4. Adam Neate

He is a conceptual artist from Britain. He has been ranked at the top for creating urban street art. In his early years, Neate painted on cardboard boxes he found on the street, and now major collectors and celebrities bid high money for his original artwork. He mostly creates figurative images in multi-dimensional tones. He left hundreds of paintings on the streets of London as an open exhibition. From there, he got invited to many solo exhibitions and was recognized as a pioneer of the new movement which showed street art in conventional art galleries. He claims to get inspiration from his wife, graffitist Daze and Picasso.

Adam Neate | Art-Pie

5. ROA

He is a Belgian graffiti artist, known for his street work in Europe, United States, Australia and New Zealand. His work usually comprises of wild animals or birds found in the city he is painting. He works with minimal colors, mostly using black, white and red. He only uses vibrant colors when depicting internal organs of the animals. He has created many large-scale murals in popular urban areas.

ROA | Art-Pie

6. Jeff Soto

He is an American artist from California, known for combining street art with pop surrealism. Even though he has done graffiti from a young age, he claims to be “a muralist with an occasional urge to do some graf.” Soto also works as a freelance illustrator, providing editorial work to clients, such as Entertainment Weekly, Sony Music, United Airlines and Disney. Soto has also created remarkable paintings and had his first solo exhibit in Los Angeles’s New Image Art Gallery. Soon he was invited to many other solo exhibits and has been successfully merging street art with pop surrealism.

Jeff Soto | Art-Pie

7. Saber

He is an American artist from California, known for his graffiti and paintings in Los Angeles. He is famously known for creating large-scale graffiti on the concrete bank of the Los Angeles River. The painting took him a year to complete, using 97 gallons of paint. It is the largest known graffiti in the world and can be viewed from a satellite. His graffiti went viral and he has since created many pieces of art.

Saber | Art-Pie

8. Audrey Kawasaki

She is also an American artist from Los Angeles, California. She is known for painting on wood panels, depicting young, adolescent women who seem to be erotically charged. Her art is an infusion of the Japanese Manga and Art Nouveau. She claims to be influenced by Gustav Klimt and Alphonse Mucha. She dropped out of Pratt Institute in New York City because her professors discouraged her from her style of painting, which mostly included nudes. She has since been a rising star of Los Angeles. One of her paintings was tattooed on singer Christina Perri on an episode of LA Ink.

Audrey Kawasaki | Art-Pie

9. Aya Takano

She is a Japanese artist known for creating art with an infusion of manga and anime. She also portrays science fiction in her paintings, taking inspiration from her father’s library of natural sciences and science fiction. Her artwork illustrates exotic animals and architecture found in urban cities, usually portraying juxtaposition between future and fantasy. She worked under Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami who helped her polish her skills. Takano’s paintings capture Japan’s Otaku culture but from a feminine perspective and show how this culture will boom in the future.

Aya Takano | Art-Pie

Street art, graffiti and big big smackers

Mr Brainwash | Art-Pie

Let’s face it, 10 years ago that post would have not existed because ten years ago, street art, graffiti or urban art, let’s call it that, wasn’t around. I actually need to point out that it was around but not as popular as it is now. Now popular often leads to some sort of fame and wait fort it… money revenue, bucks, big bucks.

I must admit, I wad gobbed smacked when I learnt how much some street artists are actually worth. Kids, I am about to give a very good and valid argument to go up to your parents and defend your case about becoming a vandal or should we call it an ‘urban creative mind’

Here are the 5 money hoovers in the street artosphere…

5. Retna: $5 million +

Real name: Marquis Lewis –aka Retna
Age and residence: 33 year old, L.A (USA)
First show: 2010 that coincided with the New York Fashion week
Last auction fetch: ‘Young Blood’ for USD7500 (Source : http://www.findartinfo.com)
Latest gold mine collaboration: Louis Vuitton scarves series + mural creation on the storefront of the designer’s new location in the Design District of Miami.

Retna | Art-Pie

4. Mr. Brainwash (or MBA): $10 million

Real name: Thierry Guetta –aka Mr Brainwash
Age and residence: 47 year old, L.A (USA)
First show: 2012 ‘Life is beautiful’. Banksy suggested to Thierry that he should do some graffiti work of his own. Gusto became his trademark and on overnight success followed. Profits exceeded over 1 million at his first show
Last auction fetch: ‘Tomato spray’ for USD6250 (Source : http://www.findartinfo.com)

Mr Brainwash | Art-Pie

3. Shepard Fairey: $15 million

Real name: Frank Shepard Fairey – aka Shepard Fairey
Age and residence: 44 year old, Charleston (USA)
First show: or rather what put him on the map – He put together ‘HOPE’ for President Barack Obama‘s campaign for presidency back in 2008. The red and blue poster is now an iconic symbol of the election. (Fairey’s Obama poster now hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.)
Latest auction fetch: ‘CHANGE’ for USD2500 (Source : http://www.findartinfo.com)
Latest gold mine enterprise: His ‘Obey’ Andre the Giant images, which became viral online and translated into a clothing line, including t-shirts sold at Urban Outfitters.

Shepard Fairey | Art-Pie

2. Banksy: $20 million

Real name: ?? Most of us will know who this guy is even thought and quite remarkably, this artist continues to work under the radar as a faceless enigma. – aka Banksy
Age and residence: 39 year old we think, Bristol most probably
First show: or rather first known large wall mural was “The Mild Mild West” painted in 1997 to cover advertising of a former solicitors’ office on Stokes Croft Avenue, Bristol. It depicts a teddybear lobbing a Molotov cocktail at three riot police.
Latest auction fetch: ‘GOLF SALE’ for USD6144 (Source : http://www.findartinfo.com)
Latest gold mine enterprise: Banksy has published a number of books on his projects and directed two movies, one of which – “Exit Through the Gift Shop” – was nominated for an Academy Award in 2011.

Mild Mild Mild West by Banksy | Art-Pie
Mild Mild Mild West by Banksy

1. David Choe: $200 million

Real name: David Choe – aka David Choe – real, no bullshit stage name
Age and residence: 37 year old, L.A (USA)
Latest auction fetch: ‘JIMMI’ for USD200 (Source : http://www.findartinfo.com)
Latest gold mine enterprise: Since he was approached back in 2005 by a small social media start-up by the name of Facebook, his life had changed and the bucks started pilling up. The president at the time, Sean Parker, was a fan of the artist and commissioned him for a series of murals for their office headquarters. What Choe delivered was his blend of frenetic style of abstraction, urban landscapes and sexuality. While Parker indicated it took a bit of time to get used to the distraction of the walls, Choe was presented with two options of payment; cash, or stocks. He went for the latter and damn his high-risk venture has paid off…


David Choe | Art-Pie
David Choe painting the Facebook HQ walls

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