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This is how you look on drugs

Les Baker V’s INEBRI-NATION project | Art-Pie

Drug taken: MDMA (click to enlarge) Les Baker V’s INEBRI-NATION project is one of a kind. One may look at it as another purely photographic work while others a bold take on drug use and in some cases, abuse. Meet Les Baker, a New Mexico-based photographer who has embarked on the most ludicrous, yet interesting in many aspects, projects taking portraits of people at the moment when the subjects reach the ‘high’ state on different drugs. The idea behind it is to showcase... Read More

Artocracy in Tunisia, a project by JR

JR’s latest project involved six Tunisian photographers who traveled the country upside down and took 100 pictures of unknown Tunisians. The aim was to get a representative sample of the Tunisian population from all ages and backgrounds. Images from the project below. Artocracy, a project initiated by Slim Zeghal and Marco Berrebi and created with the group of Tunisia Photographers: Sophia Baraket | Rania Dourai | Wissal Dargueche | Aziz Tnani | Hichem Driss | Héla Ammar. More... Read More

James George or how to use Kinect (Xbox)

Microsoft must have amazed quite a few of us with their latest innovation, I want to talke here about Kinect by like for all genius products, there is a sleepy hacker waiting to exploit and excel in using such products. James George had the idea to modify the Kinect accessory and with the help of a HD SLR, he presents us with these amazing shots below taken across the NYC subway. For the techies, James is using the depth image in a custom open framework application. Related... Read More