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The All City Canvas project in Mexico

Take nine artists, from around the world as well as locals and release them in the Distrito Federal’s prime real estate which becomes their canvas – that is the “All City Canvas” project. The artists, Interesni Kazki (Ukraine), El Mac (USA), Saner (Mexico), Sego (Mexico), Roa (Belgium), Herakut (Germany), Vhils (Portugal) and Ecif (Spain) have gone big, very big for some like Escif.

Included below are some of the mighty pieces of street art that can be seen in the city of Mexico becoming a hot spot for this type of art.

All City Canvas - Roa

All City Canvas - Roa

All City Canvas - HearkutAll City Canvas - Herakut

All City Canvas - Whils

All City Canvas - Vhils

All City Canvas - El Mac