DEIH and his Insider Series

DEIH The Insider Series | Art-PieWe talked to the Spanish born graffiti/street art artist DEIH who is part of the XLF CREW. We asked to tell us about him –

“I’m painting graffiti since 1993, and I still love it. I draw, I breath. I am developing a project called “The Insider”, which is part of an introspective investigation on my feelings and my life.

I draw my inner life, as I consider that the particular way of relating to the others and oneself (and the impasses one undergoes through that process) are the very core of any attempt of creation.

Thus, I understand science-fiction representational codes as a way to achieve (to construct) a personal truth, as I think that truth has a fictional structure.”

We have included a few photos of DEIH’s works along with some related links

DEIH - THe Insider project | Art-Pie

DEIH - THe Insider project | Art-PieDEIH - THe Insider project | Art-Pie

DEIH - THe Insider project | Art-Pie

DEIH - THe Insider project | Art-Pie

Art4Peace Auction at The Ivy Club

Around 20 acclaimed urban and street artists from around the world exhibited their artwork in support of the peacebuilding charity International Alert’s #ART4PEACE campaign, at The Old Truman Brewery in London from 4-20 September 2015.

The art exhibition and sale, titled #ART4PEACE: Peace from the street up!, featured work inspired by the theme of ‘peace in our cities’. The artists, some of whom come from conflict-affected regions, refelcted on opportunities for peaceful change in an increasingly urbanised world. Graffiti, reclaimed police shields and road signs, and even rolling pins, all featured in this unique show in the run up to UN International Peace Day on the 21st of September.

We included images of the show at the end of this article.

Art4Peace | Art-Pie


An online preview auction  opened to bidders worldwide on the 21st of September (UN International Peace Day), and the campaign will conclude with a public auction on Friday 2 October at The Club at The Ivy, in London’s West End   – get your tickets on eventbrite.

All proceeds are in aid of International Alert and its vital peacebuilding work in more than 25 countries around the world.

About International Alert

International Alert | Art-PieInternational Alert is one of the world’s leading peacebuilding organisations, with nearly 30 years of experience laying the foundations for peace in more than 25 countries (including the UK). We believe that dialogue is crucial for building peace. We bring people together to help them better understand their differences and resolve them peacefully. Find out more at


The line-up of UK and international talent is: Ben Turnbull (UK), Clet Abraham (France), Dan Kitchener (UK), David Scheinmann (UK), David Whittaker (UK), Ganzeer (Egypt), Goldie (UK), Inkie (UK), K-Guy (UK), Know Hope (Israel), Malina Suliman (Afghanistan), Matt Small (UK), Olek (Poland), Otto Schade (Chile), Sadhu X (Nepal), Shraddha Shrestha (Nepal), Sten Lex (Italy), Tammam Azzam (Syria), Teurk (France), Victor Ash (France/Denmark), War Boutique (UK) and Yola (Poland/UK).

Online preview auction: 21 September – 1 October (

Auction: Friday 2 October (The Club at The Ivy, 9 West Street, London WC2H 9N. Tickets. Exhibition catalogue, high-res images and information on participating artists:

Ivy Club (London) | Art-Pie

Meet Eddie Breen: piggyback art


About 10 years ago, Chris Sammartano (Eddie Breen is his ‘brush name’) stumbled upon a “horrible” painting at a flea market. He bought it for a dollar, picked up some art supplies, and got to work transforming the staid church scene into his own vibrant vision.

An hour or so later, he had created “Piggyback Art,” an exuberantly surreal style that reimagines found works with layers of text, color, and offbeat graphic elements. Continue reading Meet Eddie Breen: piggyback art

Press the button project

Press the button is an urban project to awaken the minds of cold pedestrian, is a rise of freedom for all citizens who want to smile in the morning, in the afternoon in the night but always in the street…

“We are Pauer and Octavi two students from Barcelona. Right now we are doing an erasmus in Slovenia, in case you are mediterranean and you go on erasmus to the Balkans you do a lot of things but not study, so all the time we used to spend studying in the past now we spend it doing more creative stuff.

We have done some projects but the last one we did, has made us think that maybe we are not a dumb and we can do something in life…”

Press the button project from Pauer on Vimeo.

Related link
The Press The Button project website –

Flying eyeball exhibition & pop up show – Gallery 27

I got a flyer telling me about that exhibition – ‘Flying Eyeball presents Exhibition & Pop Up Shop’ when I went to the Lock Up exhibition last week (will post about it soon). I looked again at the flyer and after reading the artists line-up, Goldie, Ben Allen, Shok 1, etc. I could not wait but to be there.

On my way now with a friend to the Gallery 27, based in Mayfair. As I was trying to find my way (I lost the map I had printed earlier) I looked around to see only shops selling very expensive things or people in impeccable suits. I then thought, why Mayfair? An old looking and smelly warehouse in Dalston would surely suit a lot more that sort of exhibition (Dalston, Shoreditch – trendy spots, everyone knows that and agree) but I quickly realised that no actually Mayfair is spot on and is a sign of what  Street Art has become and where it stands today in the vast contemporary art world: it is everywhere and appreciate by more and more people everyday.

I am actually pretty sure some of these people if not at least one (in impeccable suits) I stumbled across tonight may actually have thought or event bought a reproduction of a Banksy’s piece which is now hung in their study or in the loo. We need to give a bit more time though to see that piece hung on the living room next to a Rembrandt or a Monet, let’s be realistic.

I am now in the gallery and my first thought is asking whether I can take pictures (to post on this blog!) as I glance at that piece from Goldie right to the left when you come in. The girl I asked was having her takeaway and had to ask the manager who was downstairs who also got a takeaway but had to… anyway to make it short, I was allowed. Continue reading Flying eyeball exhibition & pop up show – Gallery 27

Street art by Ben Eine

Ben Eine has been back in London and we could not hope better than seeing a new piece enhancing some wall in London.

This time you can see his work on the wall of the London Graphic center on Mercer street, London.

It reads :
Oranges and Lemons say the Bells of St Clements
Pancakes and Fritters say the Bells of St peters
Two sticks and an Apple say the Bells of Whitechapel
When I grow rich say the Bells of Shoreditch