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5 animated GIFs you cannot miss

Animated GIFs | Art-Pie

Animated GIFs have been around for ages, they really have. Who has not seen those crazy ones of animals or people where a short action is captured and play in loop… forever. This was before. Today there are many artists that are taking animated... Read more

4 awesome photo manipulations by Leo Rocha

All you need is Ecuador | Art-Pie

When asking Leo Rocha about making striking images to publicise Ecuador and its tourism, I wonder whether the tourism board of this country knew that they were in for a treat! I do not know for you but we think here at Art-Pie that these are pretty awesome... Read more

Visual Impact – Creative Dissent in the 21th Century

Blek Le rat | Art-Pie

Liz McQuiston‘s new book ‘Visual Impact – Creative Dissent in the 21th Century’, is out now.   It is a richly illustrated exploration on art and design driving major social and political change in the 21st century. Loads... Read more

Fairies Wires sculpture by Robin Wight

Robin Wight & his fairies wires sculptures | Art-Pie

Sculpture is a fantastic form of art and here, at Art-Pie, our interest is growing every day. Especially when you see what a bit of imagination and craftsmanship can do. Meet Robin Wight, artist based in Staffordshire (England) who has taken wires sculptures... Read more

3D sand art

3D sand art | Art-Pie

3D art using sand. Not much to say apart from why not having a go at it this summer when you are on your favourite beach instead of lying around? And burying your best mate in the sand is also fun but not that creative. Simply awesome don’t you... Read more

Narcelio grud take on The Mara Hope in Brazil

By Narcelio Grud | Art-Pie

We always get impressed by large scale works and let’s face it, while Usain Bolt keeps running faster and faster than anyone else, street artists keep taking on bigger and bigger projects. Narcelio Grud, a street artist from Brazil just did that.... Read more

Mexican city giant mural by artists’ collective known as the German Crew

Pachuca Paints Itself | Art-Pie

We are always happy to see people dedicated to bringing art into communities that typically remain miles away from it for various reasons, such as poverty. So when we heard about this project, called “Pachuca Paints Itself”, in central Mexico by... Read more

Clement Beauvais beautiful ink drop

Clement Beuvais | Art-Pie

Solidarités International, an international humanitarian organisation, was looking to mark World Water Day with an awareness campaign that highlighted the scourge of undrinkable water. That happened back in March this year but got made aware of this... Read more

Nevercrew last piece for Wall Therapy

Nevercrew | Art-Pie

No need to say much. Just look at this outstanding piece from Nevercrew in Rochester, New-York Boom.  Read More

Meet Plastic Jesus, street artist from Los Angeles

Plastic Jesus | Art-Pie

We only recently heard from Plastic Jesus, a Los Angeles based artist, and while his motivation are clearly political and on that basis can be compared to other street artists such as Banksy, although Plastic Jesus seems to vary a little more his mediums... Read more