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After show at Scream

After show at Scream | Art-Pie

Click to enlarge The beginning of the year is always a great opportunity to start a fresh page and discover what’s new. In this spirit, we would like to invite you to join us for our upcoming group exhibition AFTER SHOW PARTY. AFTER SHOW is a transition from our Winter Exhibition, kicking off our new exhibition season in 2016. You can come and view works of our long-terms collaborators, like Remi Rough, Shuby, Collagism and William Blanchard. We are also really excited to... Read More

Tribute to David Bowie

David Bowie | Art-Pie

Sadly, musical legend David Bowie has passed away.  For 5 decades Bowie defined himself as a singer, songwriter, record producer, painter, and actor.  A fashion and style icon with his unapologetic style and experimental flamboyance, Bowie is a true British legend. As a tribute we have collected a few street artworks from around the globe and presented them below. This illustration by Helen Green ombined her illustrations of Bowie’s different looks into an animated gif... Read More

Jimmy C does David Bowie in Brixton

Jimmy C | Art-Pie

To coincide with (another) David Bowie exhibition, namely “The many faces of David Bowie” opening tonight at Opera gallery, Jimmy C unveiled a large scale portrait in Brixton, where David Bowie is from. You will have recognised the the iconic Aladdin Sane image here. Now on to the show at Opera Gallery. We hear that a bunch of artists including street ones will share their visions of the iconic singer. Some of the artists includes Paul Alexis, Joe Black, C215 and... Read More