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10 cinemagraphs that will amaze you

You may have seen those before or you may have not. but cinemagraphs, as they are called, are hot right now in the design world, blogs and social media platforms. We published before about this new type of media which are still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs. Cinemagraphs, which are usually published in an animated GIF format, can give the illusion that the viewer is watching a video. They are commonly produced by taking a series of photographs... Read More

The Meeting place by Paul Day

The Meeting Place by Paul Day | Art-Pie

Of all the public art on display at the St Pancras station in London (UK), one piece stands out. I am talking about the bronze statue called The Meeting Place that proudly stands at the south end of the upper-level beneath the station clock. The numbers: 9-metre (29.5 ft) high, 20-tonne (19.7-long-ton; 22.0-short-ton), impressive isn’t it? But have you been near it and noticed the frieze, a myriad of smaller sculpture works all around the plinth? No? I did and was genuinely... Read More

RECURSIVE on Repetition

RECURSIVE blog banner

I’m very pleased to say 1) I have a new project in the works and 2) Art Pie is again media sponsor! This project is smaller in scale than This ‘Me’ of Mine, but just as interesting. RECURSIVE explores the inner repetitive thought processes, both ones we’re aware of and ones we’re not. The works in the exhibition show evidence of this recursive thinking in action through the work. My goal for the blogsite is to create a place to discuss what repetition... Read More

Haroshi at Stolen Space

Haroshi at Stolen Space | Art-Pie

As soon as you step in Stolen Space, you cannot help but look to the right as you have spotted something big from the corner of your eye. It is there. The vultur is looking at you. No I have not gone mad but am only looking at Haroshi‘s masterpiece depicting what looks like a vultur with one noticeable detail – the wings are made of old skateboards decks. The gallery is hosting until the 3/11, Haroshi’s first solo show in this space and promised us something... Read More

“Thirteen” the new show from Copyright at London Westbank gallery

WIN a limited edition of Copyright’s Lady of the Lake (edition of 50 which is the show print). enter now, the competition closes on Friday 27/09 midnight so hurry up! It has been about two years since Copyright has had a solo show. It has not been lazying around (…) we hear, but rather been busy with a bunch of commissions partly being a consequence of his appearance on Season 8 of ‘The Apprentice’. “Thirteen”, his new solo show at London Westbank Gallery,... Read More