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Joram Roukes & Sean Madden at Signal gallery


I managed to get to see the current group show at Signal gallery and I am glad I did. The shows called Mixed doubles presents works from Dan Baldwin, John... Read more

ROA at Black Rat Press


On my way to BRP (Black Rat Press), I knew I was up for a treat. I knew I would hang out for a while and enjoy ROA’s installation. What makes ROA... Read more

Remi Rough at Blackall studios: abstract-ive


I have always been sceptical about abstract art, never knowing whether I like it or not. I can enjoy it but can rarely get ecstatic about it. Well Remi... Read more

Brett Amory at The Outsiders: waiting on the line


Intentional Abstractions is Brett Amory first UK solo show and first show of the year at The Outsiders The works on display are part of the ‘Waiting’... Read more

Sweet Toof at ARCH402 gallery: have a mouthful of it!


Sweet Toof and the Burning Candy crew as a whole (Sweet Toof is part of it) are heavy-weight champions when it comes to street art in London. If you have... Read more

Ronzo art Pure Evil: creatures of Crackney


Even if you do not know Ronzo but hang out in Shoreditch or the City, you’ve probably come across his works, I want to talk about his ‘big... Read more

Will Barras ‘Bad Reception’ at Stolen Space


I have always found that acrylic paint used in conjunction with spray paint is a definite winner and give you astonishing results. However, it is difficult... Read more

Panik at Pure Evil


Panik is a renowned graffiti artist in London and beyond. Member of the ATG (Ahead of The Game) crew, you probably came across his work across Camden or... Read more

New Era XC show: art on your head


I went down to Dray Walk gallery this week end to check out the NEW ERA XC show – a creative project solely dedicated to the baseball cap. This show... Read more

This is England 2010: quirkiness on Bayswater road


Creativity is something to promote whenever you can, quirkiness is always something that will please the eye and mind of someone looking for something... Read more

SPQR at Pure Evil: Monochromatic shades


Another exhibition by Signal gallery which I had penciled in as soon as I’d heard about it. The artist, SPQR, has been on the circuit for quite a... Read more

‘Buenos Aires calling’ at Pure Evil: fantastico!


The year: 2001, the place: Buenos Aires, Argentina, the event: a terrible economic crash. The outcome and most probably the best one: the explosion of... Read more

Gabriel Dubois at Stolen Space


Gabriel Dubois is back to Stolen Space gallery after having taking part earlier this year to a group show – read about it here and his new works... Read more

Dan Baldwin at Signal gallery: colours, loads of them


I was meant to post up the pictures from Dan Baldwin’s work at Signal, his first solo show with the gallery which happened last month. I have inserted... Read more

Specter at Pure Evil gallery


Brooklyn-based street artist Specter is one of these very active artists who always come up with new projects. You may or may not like what he does but... Read more

System Collapse by Zosen at Stolen Space


Barcelona based street artist Zosen brings his premier UK solo show to StolenSpace.Featuring a collection of new paintings on canvas and the release of... Read more

Summer group show at Stolen space: various artists

Rocketeers by Chloe Early

One more time, Stolen space has put together a remarkable show. Group shows are so rich in diversity by definition and therefore always please a large... Read more

Remed at Pure Evil gallery: Picasso-esque


On my way again to Pure Evil gallery. This time I was there to see Remed and I felt particularly excited about this one as the artist was born right from... Read more

Armsrock at Signal gallery: “Drawn Towards The Present”


I knew very little about Armsrock before going to Signal gallery but I was pretty sure I would get to see something different, the sort of show where you... Read more

Busk Bleach Zadok at Pure Evil gallery


Last time I went to Pure Evil gallery I was blown away by the exhibit I saw from ROA (read post here) as well as the gallery itself and the way it was... Read more

Cissy Cook at Smithfield gallery: chill out


I had only gone once to the Smithfield gallery a while back ago to see DEUS – works from the UVA (United Visual Artists) and was happily pleased... Read more

Jef Aerosol at Signal: girls, girls, girls and stencils


Another artist who is at the top of the stencils game but who wouldn’t after being at the vanguard of the French stencil art scene since the eighties. Jef’s... Read more

Now is ‘really’ time for Street Art at Black Rat


This is what of those shows that when you hear about them, the automatic and systematic next thing you do is to pencil that in your diary in a big font. Now’s... Read more

Arth Daniels at Stolen Space: jigsawed faces

Picture 026

When I got into Stolen Space, I was immediately caught by the sense of freshness in Arth Daniel’s execution of the medium of oil paint – the... Read more

ROA at Pure Evil gallery: raw


I have been going around London many times to try to snap up some street art and came across ROA’s stuff on several occasions. I knew little about... Read more

Kicks & canvas: lace’em up


Last time I went to see an exhibition with this sort of line-up, the Lock Up exhibition for those who would like to read about it, the stuff I saw was... Read more

Usugrow at Stolen Space: meet hasadu


Inside Stolen Space and looking around Usugrow’s artwork and it is obvious to me: if you are into black and white with punk rock visuals such as... Read more

Jaybo Monk at Stolen Space: stormy time


I was as excited to find out about Stolen Space as I was to find out about Jabo Monk’s new works. Both did not dissapoint. I like the sobriety of... Read more

Faile at Lazarides – part 1


If you like street art or graffiti, you know that you should find some good stuff at Lazarides as these guys have been around for a while and primarily... Read more

CRASH: homage to JG Ballard at Gagosian gallery

Honda Teen Facial by Adam McEwen

Giant Triple Mushroom by Carsten Holler You could not say no to an exhibition where you would get to see pieces from artists such as Andy Warhol and... Read more

Augustine Kofie at White Walls

Kofie's installation

A Group Show – Never A Dull Moment Curated by iO Wright at White Walls, San Francisco is now underway and I wish I could jump on the plane right... Read more

Chris Bracey: the neon man

Picture 020

When I was told about that exhibition – the ‘neon man”, I did not know whether my mate was making a joke or whether there was really... Read more

The Lock Up exhibition: just what I like

Fin Dac & Pam Glew pieces

I knew I would not be disappointed when I heard about the Lock Up exhibition and disappointed I wasn’t, oh no, I was overwhelmed. By the way, that... Read more

Gordon Cheung at Room: multi media artist


I always find fascinating when an artist can juggle between medias or techniques, when artists can be as varied as Gordon Cheung is. It is definitely a... Read more

Born in the streets – New York city legends

Left wall showing a Part One artwork

I do not go to Paris very often – fact. Quality not quantity they say, well it was definitely quality this time. ‘Born in the streets’exhibition... Read more

The Fiesta Resistance: mixed medias at its best


I may have never heard about this exhibition if Twitter did not exist so let me thank you Twitter first, some do not get you little Twitter tool, ART-PIE... Read more

Flying eyeball exhibition & pop up show – Gallery 27


I got a flyer telling me about that exhibition – ‘Flying Eyeball presents Exhibition & Pop Up Shop’ when I went to the Lock Up exhibition... Read more

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