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Banksy’s new work on a wall of a Bristolian school

The finished work by Banksy of the wall of the school – Copyright Local World A large number of people always get quite to very excited when a new Banksy work is discovered and we must admit, we were one of these this time round when we read this morning about this new work somewhere near Bristol… Keep reading on. A contest amongst pupils at the origin of all this Click to enlarge Bridge Farm Primary School in Bristol, where Banksy dropped his latest piece, organised... Read More

5 street art pieces about Brexit

Some of you may know this – UK Parliament will debate on a second EU referendum at Westminster Hall on 5 September 2016, after an online petition attracted more than four-million signatures. As a reminder, 51.9% of the UK voted to leave the European Union on 23 June 2016, with a turnout of 72.2%. We thought we’ll share with you guys 5 street art pieces about Brexit 1. “Not #InForThis?” by The WeAreEurope artist collective& Paintsmiths Of Bristol, Bristol,... Read More

The striking style of Kerry Beall

Kerry Beal | Art-Pie

Detail of “Space” | This piece will be in our next show We had wanted for a while to have Kerry Beall in one of our edition of The Creative Bubble, a multi-discipline pop up event atRoxy Bar and Screen, London. Art-Pie – Can you tell your readers about yourself in a few words? Kerry Beall – Hello! my names Kerry, I’m a Graphic Designer by trade and been working in the industry for about 8 years, in the last few years I’ve really got into fine... Read More

10 awesome Christmas-related street art works

Christmas street art | Art-Pie

The festive season is upon which has and always will inspire artistic creativity.   While British street artist Moose just created a pretty incredible Christmas scene with only a toothbrush and moss (!) on South Bank wall Moose – see more of Moose aka Paul Curtis Christmas scene, there are many holiday themed street and graffiti artist creations. Scouring outdoors and the web, ten recent and some less so graffiti or street art Christmas-related awesomeness caught... Read More

Street art, graffiti and big big smackers

Mr Brainwash | Art-Pie

Let’s face it, 10 years ago that post would have not existed because ten years ago, street art, graffiti or urban art, let’s call it that, wasn’t around. I actually need to point out that it was around but not as popular as it is now. Now popular often leads to some sort of fame and wait fort it… money revenue, bucks, big bucks. I must admit, I wad gobbed smacked when I learnt how much some street artists are actually worth. Kids, I am about to give a... Read More