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The Pancakes and Booze art show at Studio Spaces E1

Pancakes & Booze Art Show | Art-Pie

We are over the moon to be involved in the Pancakes & Booze pop up art show. The one day event is taking place at Studio Spaces E1 in East London on Thursday, 24th of September 2015. We’ve secured dozens of spots and are looking for artists to... Read more

Mexican city giant mural by artists’ collective known as the German Crew

Pachuca Paints Itself | Art-Pie

We are always happy to see people dedicated to bringing art into communities that typically remain miles away from it for various reasons, such as poverty. So when we heard about this project, called “Pachuca Paints Itself”, in central Mexico by... Read more

Nevercrew last piece for Wall Therapy

Nevercrew | Art-Pie

No need to say much. Just look at this outstanding piece from Nevercrew in Rochester, New-York Boom.  Read More

Meet Plastic Jesus, street artist from Los Angeles

Plastic Jesus | Art-Pie

We only recently heard from Plastic Jesus, a Los Angeles based artist, and while his motivation are clearly political and on that basis can be compared to other street artists such as Banksy, although Plastic Jesus seems to vary a little more his mediums... Read more

EN MASSE mural at Village Underground

It was a glorious day when we had the chance to see the EN MASSE crew working on anew and huge wall at Village Underground EN MASSE : (from French) “as a whole”, or “all together” EN MASSE is a Montreal based, multi-artist collaborative... Read more

Metazoa, a new show by ROA

ROA | Art-Pie

Belgium, the country where Roa is from, must be a far away from what this artists get to travel to. I remember seeing a few years back the first street art pieces from ROA across London and thinking: what this guy does is quite fresh. Now, look what... Read more

An Act of Crime or a Work of Art – Graffiti Street Art

Street art in Shoreditch (London) | Art-Pie

Back in 2008, a group of teenagers were sent to jail in the UK in lieu of defacing public property. Yet while they were being imprisoned here, their work was being hailed in the New York gallery. There is only one word that can be used to describe how... Read more

10 awesome Christmas-related street art works

Christmas street art | Art-Pie

The festive season is upon which has and always will inspire artistic creativity.   While British street artist Moose just created a pretty incredible Christmas scene with only a toothbrush and moss (!) on South Bank wall Moose – see more of... Read more

25 years ago, the Berlin Wall and Thierry Noir

Thierry Noir | Art-Pie

The Berlin Wall came down 25 years ago. I remember it like yesterday, although at the time I did not understand the full meaning of what was unfolding in front of my eyes. Looking back at it now as an adult, I can see the importance of what this event... Read more

Alex Meade’s 3D made into 2D street art

Alexa Meade | Art-Pie

Meet Alexa Meade. He creates amazing series of living graffiti art but the twist is that he masters the ability of using actual people made to look like they belong in their 2D graffiti background. No need to say that the level of careful painting and... Read more