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10 Fidel Castro & Cuba Related Street Art Pieces

Fidel Castro | Art-Pie

Fidel Castro passed away last Friday, he was 90 years old. We browsed the Internet and gathered below a few pics of street art all related to either Cuba or its most famous Prime Minister – Fidel Castro Here are 10 Fidel Castro & Cuba Related... Read more

Thanksgiving and street art

Thanksgiving | Art-Pie

Thanksgiving is one week away and we again browsed the web in search of street art related to the American public holiday. We included some of our findings below Happy Thanksgiving! 1. New Haven (USA) This piece is located in New Haven and on Water street... Read more

Black Friday & street art

'Shop til your drop' by Banksy | Art-Pie

It is almost upon us… yes Black Friday is a thing and this means money being spent, overspent, wasted – pick yours. You may recall the piece called ‘Shop til your drop’ by the artist Banksy which appeared on Bruton lane, Mayfair,... Read more

Campaign against forest fires

Campaign Against Forest Fires | Art-Piie

We found this campaign created by Ad Agency DDB Uruguay for S.I.N.A.E. and Dirección Nacional de Bomberos which talks about forest fires. The campaign was launched in summer to raise awareness on the importance of prevention as a means of stopping... Read more

‘Portraits in Character’ by Alexander Newley at St Martin’s in-the-Fields

Alexander Newley | Art-Pie

Alexander Newley painting Dame Judi Dench Artist Alexander Newley is delighted to announce his solo exhibition ‘Portraits in Character – supporting St Martin-in-the-Fields’, in the Crypt of St Martin’s, Trafalgar Square from 7th to 21st November.... Read more

10 ‘surreal’ GIFs related to Salvador Dali & his art

Salvador Dali | Art-Pie

We love animated GIFs as well as Salvador Dali so here is 10 animations we found combining the two. Enjoy About Salvador Dali Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, Marqués de Dalí de Pubol (11 May 1904 – 23 January 1989), known... Read more

Pop up at l’Escargot in Soho London, edition 1

Pop up at l'Escargot Soho London | Art-Pie

Last week first edition of our pop up at l’Escargot was a success. Although we ended up in the Salon Vert instead of The Library, we managed to play with the existing layout (we cannot make new holes or adjustment in this venue – fair enough... Read more

Gary Stranger & Pref at Stolen Space gallery

Gary Stranger at Stolen Space | Art-Pie

We swung by Stolen Space gallery today to check out their new show – Gary Stranger X Perf, Gary Stranger and Pref are two graffiti artists from the UK. The former excels, we think, in typography work and his clean lines style was a delight to see. Our... Read more

Chen Wenling’s farting bull

Chen Weng Li "farting bull" | Art-Pie

When we first noticed Chen Wenling’s “What You see Might Not Be Real” sculpture, we immediately wanted to find out more about the artist and his work. This is not the name which jumped at us but the rather amusing look of the sculpture... Read more

Love is the drug print from RYCA to win

"Love Is The New Drug" by RYCA | Art-Pie

“Love Is The Drug” print from RYCA to win, yes it can be yours. We are offering to you lucky readers, the chance to win this awesome print which coincide with the artist, RYCA aka Ryan Callanan, upcoming show at Lawrence Alkin gallery “I... Read more