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Win ‘Dan Baldwin – 23 years’ book

'Dan Baldwin - 23 years' by Dan Baldwin | Art-Pie

We just finished a ‘spring cleaning’ in the office and stumbled upon a spare copy of Dan Baldwin’s latest book and guess what? We thought, we’ll give it away to you readers! What you only need to do is to fill out the form below. Easy! A winner will be chosen at random in a week time and will be published on the site and communicated via our usual social medias channels so make sure to follow us on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook or enjoy our pictures... Read More

The Super Flemish Pop Icons by Sacha Goldberger

Sacha Goldberger | Art-Pie

Sacha Goldberger is a French photographer born in 1968. He has worked as artistic director in several well-known agencies. Otherwise, he has written and worked on many books and is now known all around the world. He became famous especially for his photo series “Mamika”, a grandmother superhero performing tasks of daily life. Mamika, the real grandmother of Sasha, is quite a funny person. The artist latest exhibition, which was recently held an exhibition at the School... Read More

Brazilian street art takes on the football world cup

Street art | Art-Pie

The 2014 edition of the football World Cup has now been on for almost a week and it has already been labelled as the better edition of the last 20 years. While most of us have been enjoying great goals from the safety of our couch, brazilian street artists have taken their art to the city walls of Brazil, mainly Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo to remind us of the dark side of the Great game as they put it. Artist: Paulo Ito Where: Sao Paulo The mural shows a starving, crying child... Read More

Fin Dac and his Urban Aesthetics

Fin Dac | Art-Pie

Cork native artist Fin DAC has not been around the street art scene as long as some other artists such as Inkie for example but he has been nevertheless left his mark out there and his works are appreciated by an ever growing amount of people across the world. UK, France and USA is where you are the most likely to encounter his ‘Urban Aesthetics’ as he likes to define his art and style which combines paint and stencil techniques. Fin DAC did not go to some Art Schools... Read More

The Great British sculpture show at Hatfield house

Wilfried Pritchard | Art-PIe

I was up for a treat, a helicopter fly and guess what, I got another treat: the Great British Sculpture Show currently in full swing at Hatfield house. After having been thrilled by the helicopter excursion, I was eager to come back down to earth and wander amongst the bronze, wood and stone sculptures set against the formal topiary of the famous gardens and enchanting woodland at Hatfield House There was over 70 sculptures from 22 artists such as David Goode, Geoffrey Dashwood,... Read More