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An Old Spanish Church Transformed by Street Artist Okuda

Okuda | Art-Pie

A truly amazing project: a historic church in the Spanish city of llanera was transformed into a skate-park earlier this year by La Iglesia Skate. The venue called Kaos Temple underwent a radical and colourful transformation at the hands of street-artist Okuda San Miguel. We previously reported on this artist and pointed out his recognizable style of bright and isometric paintings. The result is astonishing and gives another dimension to the church. We included a few shots... Read More

Meet Plastic Jesus, street artist from Los Angeles

Plastic Jesus | Art-Pie

We only recently heard from Plastic Jesus, a Los Angeles based artist, and while his motivation are clearly political and on that basis can be compared to other street artists such as Banksy, although Plastic Jesus seems to vary a little more his mediums and art forms by often making bold installations which he will spread around the city of LA. We have included below some of his works. Reading a bit more about the artist, I quickly realised that we are looking at a “modern”... Read More

Stencil republic, be a street artist

Stencil Republic | Art-Pie

If the thought of having to go out there at night, hood on and a few cans in the pockets seems to you just not doable, the new Stencil Republic book, by London-based creative studio Ollystudio’s Oliver Walker and published by Laurence King, may be your alternative. Pick one of the 20 stencils printed onto perforated card which have been created by international street artists such as Artiste Ouvrier, BS.AS.STNCL, Chris Stain, Dan Innes, Orticanoodles, Ozi, Run Don’t Walk and... Read More

P183, street artist or Bankski copycat?

P183 - Seeing is believing

P183 is his name and Moscow his playground where he has recently dropped a series of street artworks which some will tell feels very “banksy-ish”. Banksy, British artist, first began his guerilla artwork campaign in Bristol in the early 1990s. It is hard not to agree when you see some of his works below but one piece particularly caught my eye – Seeing is believing, I actually think it is very clever and is one of the best use of the urban furniture I have seen... Read More

Ludo, a street artist by nature

LUDO is a French Street Artist who is enjoying enjoyed a very successful first solo show in Zurich at the Starkat Gallery. LUDO’s style is very particular and his pieces always depict ominous and imaginary plants which always seem to want to grab you as you walk past them. His street art series is actually called Nature’s Revenge which he has been focusing on for the past two years or so. A way perhaps to warn you all about the irreversible force of Dame Nature. The show is... Read More